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How to create a Web Design style guide? 


A professional site with a consistent colour pallet and using certain primary HEX, RGB or CMYK in subsequent pages can help users differentiate between the home page and the secondary or tertiary palettes. 

The web design style guide provides a set of rules to the developers where they determine the key elements in one place, like colour, typography, grid, graphics, and others. 

It provides the basic pattern with no matter what type of business or how it is promoted online; the model helps to create synchrony to make the brand represent the same everywhere in the world. 

A web design and development company may include the primary and secondary page colours, fonts and the attitude, vision, mission and other elements of the business, which will be adopted by all the teams working in the form to represent the brand. 

It is best advised to set the basic rules at the start as a guide which helps provide the layout that distinguishes the business from the rest. It also provides a clear strategy for eliminating inconsistencies to prevent the brand from looking sloppy and unsophisticated. 

The basic design should be made considering the next larger context. Then, no matter which part of the design works, it should be based on the rules to make the job easier.

Creating a Brand ImageCreating a Brand Image

The business's personality is determined by how the styles are used. The ultimate goal is to ensure the image and values remain consistent across all the marketing channels like emails, ads, customer and sales, etc. 

The management's web design strategy should consider the mission statement, values, business goals, target audience, and needs. How the business wants itself to be identified by the audience can include:

  • The brand's tone or language to address its customers.

  • The purpose and target audience.

  • The strengths and layouts.

The Guide Includes 

  • The visual components, like the logo and the creative aspects, should match the mission and vision; if you want the business to appear conservative– the tone of images and style should be serious. The colour selection - the hues and mesh should be professional and deep.

  • The rules should be followed, while exceptions like multiple screen resolutions displayed through interactive web design, those supporting multiple operating systems, or in the black and white settings or reversed settings and smaller/ larger formats should be maintained.

  • The graphics should be clear, identifiable and distinct. The icons should be based on the initial set of rules set within the pixel guidelines.

  • To get a better idea of the type of style, the designer can consider colour psychology.

  • The font type should consistently enhance readability for people with visual impairment. Its format should be embedded in all the pages, including the contact forms and the landing pages, and the imagery should resemble the theme.

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