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How to create a small businesses site?


Small business websites allow the users to get control over the business but these days many such sites are running on obsolete technologies and the pages are unable to deliver the expected advantages of the latest technologies.  

Such sites are, sometimes, created for the purposes of experiential marketing where the strategists make use of experiences to create an emotional connection with the buyers. The local companies tell about the products, services, and include the images and videos explaining in details about the attributes of their business.

They may use storytelling, AR/ VR, social media or make the customer their partner to gain more buyers or promote loyalty, while, the buyers may get a lot of information about the firm as they are able to see the testimonials, inventory, reviews and read about the company's history before considering a purchase.  

Before setting up such a website, one should examine the package offered carefully where the domain name, the SSL certificate, the hosting provider and other aspects (like SEO) are mentioned. The Home page should be optimized to show up in searches. The firm name should be added to the local Google Listing. SEO is important as it helps in bringing the pages to the top in search results. 

Security risks for online SMBs

Security risks for online SMBs

It is necessary to set up a reliable online business, as it is crucial for the performance of the site where one should integrate only relevant content for getting top ranks. Some small websites are highly vulnerable and are easily hacked by cybercriminals.

Such firms are victims of more than 40 percent of the data breaches – as tracked in the time period from Nov 2017 to Oct 2018 (A 2019 Verizon report), mainly, as the hackers find such sites to be low-risk high reward options.

In 2018, it was found that over 150,000 such sites were attacked/ infected by the hackers, who were running their business on the resources of these websites'. With the use of automation attack, cybercriminals compromised the sites and redirected the pages to desired locations to earn from it. 

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Security is the key aspect and should be widely implemented in the websites. The use of passwords should be carefully made and one should not reuse such passwords on multiple sites. Almost 86 percent of the users memorize passwords but experts recommend maintaining a proper password manager to handle security competently. 

Adding a recovery phone is a good way to block such attacks, as the attacks from bots can be easily tracked with mobile messages where all the suspicious sign-ins get immediate SMS codes and the device may be prompted for verification. 

Measures like using the DNS as a part of the internet foundation, which acts as a translator between the domain name and IP address can protect suspicious intervention and redirects, caused by malware to prevent such attacks. 

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