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How Does Legislation Protect Consumers From Online Marketing?


Digital marketing strategy of a company in the UK is regulated by legislative rules that are specified for the advertisers, media owners, agency and technology business. There are more than 100 pieces of legislation where the basic principle states the web agency should always bear in mind that the communication should be decent, truthful and officially permitted. It should not include anything hateful on the grounds like race, religion, ethnicity, etc. 

The online marketing ad should not be misleading and one should ensure the claims made are accurate and unambiguous which can be sustained. Also, one should have back up for their sayings and one should be able to provide evidence for it.  

The claims should be made with a sense of responsibility to the viewers and the society where the laws of fair competition should be accepted.

legislation protect consumers

Any viewer can complain to the ASA about the noncompliance, the organizations that receive over 30,000 complaints, and sometimes, one particular ad may provoke several complaints – almost 10 decisions are published every week to handle it. 

The biggest incentive is that companies that do not comply may get adverse publicity and restrictions can be imposed by the ASA on it. The committee also introduced a scheme called the ad mark which is considered to be a safe harbor that can tell consumers about the rules. 

There are regulations related to pricing where the misleading prices can result in actions. 

The data protection act is about how a company handles the data gathered from the individual accessing the website. Such data is widely used in viral marketing.

Ads that lead to contracts should provide prior information to the customer and a cancellation period should be granted. 

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Competitive online marketing ads should not be misleading. It should display relevant content and may include the price.

The web agency should ensure not to create confusion in the market place by using indistinct trade identification, rather, the name and distinguishing marks should be provided. 

One cannot denigrate the competitor's identity like their goods, name or trademarks and cannot take unfair advantage of their reputation and should not offer products as replicas. 

In the case of special offers, the date and other details should be provided. 

legislation protect consumers

In different countries, different regulatory bodies are responsible for handling the code of conduct for internet marketing like in the US the code is determined and enforced by the FTC that provides guidelines, and in case one fails to comply they can impose a substantial fine. 

The local laws are becoming more aggressive where the countries are imposing bans on certain websites and restricting their accessibility. 

EU has been trying to simplify the system by introducing the term called the country of origin to ensure the jurisdiction is governed by the local laws and is not responsible for the laws of other countries. But the term may not apply in case of contracts, while, many countries are trying to streamline their system to ensure fair commercial practices.   

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