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AI-Powered Copy-writing Tools for Online Marketing


There are over 4 billion internet users globally, where 3.4 billion users are active on social media sites. Content marketing strategies help in reaching a wider audience to drive sales. A recent report by Phrasee states that an AI-generated marketing tool helped improve customer engagement.

It was trialled by Wowcher, claiming a 31 per cent reduction in the cost per lead compared to human response. As a result, AI was successfully delivering human-sounding and answering brand-compliant emails. In addition, the technology helped improve the response on Facebook and Instagram. 

Users Growing On Social Networking SitesUsers Growing On Social Networking Sites

Social media websites - Facebook has over 2 billion users, Instagram has over 1 billion active users, and Twitter has over 300 million users.

  • The number of users has grown 11 per cent since 2018, which has made companies adopt revolutionary digital strategies to target buyers across social sites.  

  • Companies are making use of tools to target users on Facebook and Instagram.

  • They are using AI-optimized information-based apps to keep consumers engaged and provide information faster per the requirements. Moreover, the machines can answer in the desired language, and such tools can reduce the cost of human advertising. 

  • Bain's annual luxury report found that by 2025, Chinese consumers will account for 45 per cent of global sales, and shoppers in China are expected to account for 33 per cent of the global buyers, which was 32 per cent in 2017.  

Amazon and Apple are using Alexa and Siri for voice-based answering. Alibaba is using the AI-enabled tool Alimama, which recently started the Chinese language copywriting, where it can produce 20,000 lines of copy in a second. 

However, it is unclear if the tool underwent the Turing test, where a human judges the copy and tells if it is from a person or a machine.

Nevertheless, luxury sales in China increased by 18 per cent in a year to €23 billion, and similar sales in Japan increased by 3 per cent to €22 billion. Alibaba sales increased 27 per cent in the last year to $30.8 billion (sales in 2017 were worth $25.3 billion).

Pros and Cons Of AI in CopywritingPros and Cons Of AI in Copywriting

Copywriting by machines helps deliver accurate, impressive, and well-researched content, allowing users to make informed decisions, leading to a positive response from the buyer.

It is based on algorithms trained to examine the data to deliver choice-based content, analyze written texts, and assess data to identify the relevant texts, which can contribute to growth. 

As a result, customers can choose images similar to the required ones, and companies can get a quality response in seconds. 

The weaknesses of AI are that it cannot generate creative, intuitive content, and the services of such technologies are useful only in specific parameters. However, such machine-generated information can take care of a part of marketing copywriting needs, specifically the repetitive and tedious work.

Further, as global data stores grow, the huge databases require light and high-speed processing to provide super useful statistics and reports.  

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