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Entry Level Information Technology Jobs


Introduction: - Britain's labour market recovery post-lockdown was delayed as the unemployment rate remained at 3.6 % in July (2022). However, there has been a slight recovery in demand from employers amid widespread shortages where the employers have been trying to fill the staffing gaps. 

As a result, the average rise in pay was 5.4% in the previous financial year. Still, the pay continues to lag behind annual inflation. 

The increase in workforce size is driven by immigration, and the demand for jobs continues to increase in the medical and technical fields. As a result, the technical job sector has now grown enormously. Here we discuss some of the growing entry-level jobs in the technology sector.  

6 Best Tech Jobs for Entry-Level Workers

A computer system analyst creates initial layouts for programmers and architects to build solutions. A computer system analyst is involved in all stages of project development and has to provide solutions to all technical issues. They analyse the software infrastructure and programming-related problems to provide solutions. 

A computer system analyst can create the latest tech-related tools, work on procedures, design improvements, run system checks, analyse system data, prepare reports, and troubleshoot hardware and software problems. 

To apply for the computer system analyst job, one should have a relevant degree, a bachelor's degree in computer science, or a post-graduate degree, especially in information technology. 

The good news is that computer system analysts will have no insufficiency in this field and get much higher as they grow in their work area. 


2. System Data Scientist: - 

One of the Highest Paying Tech Jobs for Entry-Level is a system data scientist job. A system data scientist has to evaluate the database of a company. In addition, it helps the company create reports by collecting and filtering useful data from unstructured data for marketing and sales, project management and planning, administration and other purposes.

A candidate must have a master's degree in a relevant subject or training in data science and AI to be a data scientist.
It is highly competitive, but the demand for a system data scientist is way higher. So, you can imagine how much a data scientist earns.


3. Website or Web Developer: - 

Among the other entry-level jobs, a website developer requires no basic degree; instead, you can obtain a specialisation certificate in a programming language and have experience in the work area, like you must have worked on some coding projects to apply for various jobs across industries. A website developer's role is to design and set up a website. 

Website developers have several roles - They can be team leaders or programmers; they may work on front-end design and coding or handle the database. Next, a website architect takes care of the technical aspects of a web structure. Finally, a website master maintains all the website's content - creating and updating. 

An expert website designer must have a degree in design. 

To apply for a website master's or web architect job, the candidate must have a relevant degree in the specific field. As website building is now an essential part of every business organisation, the demand for website developers continues to grow.


4. IT or Information Technology Manager: - 

The IT managerial post is related to information technology jobs that require a degree and several years of experience in the IT sector. Either you can have a degree in IT-based subject or a business degree with some technical expertise. An IT manager looks after all the IT-related functions of an organisation. 

The whole IT system, the infrastructure, the deployments, the security features and other IT services are performed under the guidance of an IT manager. Their roles include designing business plans, overseeing network security, and handling online operations.

All business organisations require a team of IT experts to handle their technical functions, so the demand for IT managers continues to grow.


5. Computer System and Network Administrator: - 

As we can see, the computer system and network administrator jobs require installing networking services and maintaining a proper network system to run an organisation, which includes efficiently managing the incoming and outgoing traffic across a group of servers, load balancing, maintaining server updates and ensuring application delivery to handle server loads. 

An administrator is responsible for handling day-to-day networking updates of an organisation. Without a good network service, data transactions, business-critical data transfer and apps may crash. It will be a huge loss for the company if it faces data loss or loss of clients due to network issues. 

Therefore, hiring a system and network administrator will help you fix all the system and network-related problems. One must have a basic degree program in computer networking to apply for the post of the network administrator.


6. Software Developer: - 

The most well-known in the IT field is the job of a software developer. You require a software developer to write programs, design, display and run applications. There are different types of coding programs written by the developers like applications, games, and mobile apps, and currently, the most popular programming language are Java, Python and C++. 

A software developer works throughout the life cycle of software development; they may have to work in a different phase of application or software development like determining the platform - front end, backend, the code language, database, design/architecture, display, testing, deployment and other stages where they need to oversee all the activities involved in the project design and installation phase. 

Apart from creating applications, the system software is the most vital part and demanding. Therefore, to become a software developer, a candidate must have a degree in mathematics and computer and, a bachelor's degree in computer science or computer engineering and basic experience in programming language and system development.

What Are Entry-Level IT Jobs? 

Information Technology is a growing sector where people from different academic backgrounds can work. Since all businesses are digitalising the work procedures, even certification in the technical field and experience in the area can get you a job. 

Besides the technical job, you may have to get client surveys and provide inputs to help the technical team understand the workflow as they design a software program, or you may have to work with the client in the deployment phase or provide training to the clients. 

A specialisation in a core sector or a business degree can also get you a job in the IT sector. So one can assume the concerned sector has divergent openings for almost all. For this reason, people from other fields search for openings in ITs.

Aside from that, fresh graduates can get jobs in the concerned industry because this sector has something for each. All the newcomer-related IT job openings come under the list of entry-level IT jobs. 

Although there is a large variety of job criteria in the IT industry, if you are new and want to start your career in IT without having that much IT knowledge, there is no need to worry because there are many entry-level information technology jobs with no experience.

Here in this discussion, we will inform our readers about such jobs. Moreover, the thing about the entry-level IT job is it will offer you greater exposure if you are ready to perform. Besides, the initial salary is also attractive, and after a satisfactory performance, you will surely get a hike in the professional field. 

What Are Some Entry-Level Information Technology Jobs?

After a small overview of the jobs that require experience, here we also provide a list of entry-level IT jobs - the information technology jobs that one can get without much experience.


PC Technician: -

Do you think you are good at assembling hardware elements or have some knowledge of different IT-based devices? And if you have brief computer knowledge, you can apply for a PC technician job because it is in great demand since all PC users require the assistance of hardware professionals very frequently. 

Moreover, you can work privately or join a service-providing company. Besides, the occupation does not need a higher educational degree.


Software Developer: -

An IT bachelor's degree holder can easily apply for this post. This profession gives you multiple opportunities beyond boundaries and allows you to discover your inner creativity. In addition, with more experience, you get a chance to earn a handsome salary.


Computer Operator: -

Basic knowledge of computer systems allows you to become an entry-level staff at any IT organisation, or you can join the IT department of any business organisation. The role of a computer operator is to use software applications and operate office data.


Technical Writer: -

As we have said in the previous section of our discussion on IT, there is something for everyone. So if you have a degree in language or non-technical subjects and can write efficiently, this post is for you because various companies hire technical writers to promote their products and services.


Help Desk Analyst: -

It will be a good initiative to start your career in IT with this designation as you can get the job without having any IT knowledge. But from this job, you will learn about the sector and achieve the desired success after a certain time.

Entry-Level Information Technology Jobs Salary

Not everyone gets adequate job experience after graduating from their respective institutes and universities. However, this does not mean such individuals are not eligible to work in IT. An entry-level IT job is ideal if you are interested in boosting your experience.

If you have an educational qualification in the technical area from a reputed organisation, it allows you to get a huge paycheck even if you have started as a fresher. However, entry-level IT pay varies according to the job roles and type. For example, if you start your career as a software or web developer, you can increase your connectivity and meet several clients.

Before landing any entry-level IT job, you must thoroughly research the particular industry. Your job location also determines how much you can earn through your current qualifications. Certain online websites can give you a basic idea about the pay scale in a specific geographical location where you need to enter the entry-level tech job title to get the needed data. 

Generally, an individual must have some basic degree and educational qualification to acquire a good salary in the sector. In addition, many other criteria can determine your success rate in the sector, like How you communicate with your employees, your creative skills, your programming abilities, and others. 

The Qualities You Must Possess for An Entry-Level Job

Once you are thorough with the entry-level information technology jobs salary, you must consider other factors. For example, you must have the potential to coordinate different activities and analyse the errors present within a system. 

This feature is important for individuals who want to become computer technicians or operators. Besides, you must be able to communicate with clients and partners as you may have to play multiple roles in the organisation where you need to handle several service calls and clear doubts of the client in a day. 

In an entry-level information technology job, situations won't be as smooth as expected. Thus, you must adapt to changes and approach new problems with different solutions. In addition to these, every entry-level professional is assigned a particular team.

It can be a major disadvantage if you are hesitant to share your ideas with others. Take proper initiatives to complete the tasks on deadline, and the faster you gain knowledge about software, the better you get. Hence, you must prioritise your plans and objectives wisely to get a job in information technology.

Ways to Get Employed as An Entry-Level Engineer

Job experience does not mean that you work in a particular field; it means you have the confidence and mindset to handle the work pressure in an IT field. The most straightforward way to get paying entry-level tech jobs is to join internships or get industrial placements in college.

Ensure you have the skills to handle clients, as it automatically attracts the HR personnel taking your interview. 

Besides these, you can create your tech website and blogs or publish content on social media to get a response for a job opportunity. You need to enhance your networking skills to search for a tech job. You can register with social and employment sites to search for entry-level information technology jobs.

If you want to become a data analyst or a programmer, basic programming knowledge can help. Companies will prefer to hire candidates with a basic knowledge of coding and application designing and skills in that particular post. In addition, participating in various internship programs helps freshers learn more about industrial practices. 

Keep yourself updated with all the recent trends and stay motivated in your career. Be a part of several tech groups and communities to access relevant resources.


Getting a job in a technical field or any other sector requires a basic educational degree and skills like effective communication and managerial abilities to apply for the job. In addition, you should have some basic ideas about interviews and HR tests in the IT sector. Success will come to those who know their job well and can present their skills to the recruitment manager. 

If you have an educational background in IT, you can enter the information technology or IT sector early. Once you gather some specialised knowledge and necessary skill, you will never look back, and a shiny career will be waiting for you.

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