Mont Digital Developing a digital create and innovate model 

Developing a digital ‘create and innovate’ model 


Spiceworks report suggests only 36 per cent of the firms with less than 100 staff may increase their IT budget in 2019, and only 48 per cent may keep their budgets the same, on the contrary, during an SMB group survey.

Over 74 per cent of the business leaders felt that only pioneering technologies could sustain growth and survival. In contrast, about 76 per cent changed strategies to adjust to the latest delivered revenue growth. 

A report from McKinsey discovered that digital strategy is the key to a compliant operational model in the new scenario. SMBs should be able to prepare and control the strategy fast as the strategies keep evolving.

It should be based on a platform which can be easily shifted to unrelated platforms. An object-oriented strategy, where the information or critical data related to the business is held as individual objects, can improve the fast implementation of such strategies.

These strategies should advance modernisation and product development and extend the company's position in the modern markets.  

How to document a strategyHow To Document A Strategy?

The company should try to find answers to the questions such as the target, milestones, the initiative needed, implementation procedure, cost, time, and dependencies, and analyses the expenses and the outcomes.  

  • In the last decade, the implementation of ERP sometimes turned uncertain at some point.

  • The implementation took months, and the companies faced many issues that required moving data from multiple units to centralised devices. In addition, they had to integrate data from different locations and units.

  • Companies had to invest a great time towards the process of implementation, whereas the businesses that chose to ignore the digital demand remained static and failed to get ahead of their competitors. 

  • The current generation software systems are working on AI, where robots can replace humans and conduct simple everyday tasks without any mistakes. These robots work on voice instructions.

Without proper integration of local systems into machines, the software may not be able to provide accurate answers and services. 

The system of employment and recruitment is now integrated into online professional /job-related websites, and many such systems work independently and accurately, with no human intervention. 

New Systems Addressing New DemandsNew systems addressing new demands

With the new changes, the companies require blockchain, cloud, and IoTs to ensure competitive services, where technology impacts everyday actions.  

The new provisions can allow positioning the brand in the online marketplace, addressing a large spectrum of the buyers' requirements, and identifying and exploiting competitors' weak points.  

Using such methods helps the company deliver better services at a lower price. Repeated studies find that buyers are ready to pay more for dependable services, whereas online buyers abandon a website or product if the services are unsatisfactory.

Global online retail stores are integrating AR/ VR and other technologies to improve customer experience. The companies are adopting the 'create and innovate' models instead of the old model of run and maintain. 

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