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Companies Seeking Multi-Cloud Diversification


Many Fortune 500 companies are using public cloud systems where many of their applications continue to expand, but such firms cannot predict the operational footprints in such conditions. Hence, they are diversifying and investing in more than one type of provider, offering authentication layers, storage, network topologies, and multi-cloud.  

Amazon's cloud computing business is set to grow in Bahrain, Italy, South Africa, and Hong Kong, where it is seeking some real big corporate customers. It also targets a $10 billion US Defense contract and has already expanded into different businesses. 

As per the eMarketer report – Amazon accounted for over 50 per cent of the global e-commerce sales in 2017-2018, and 90 per cent of its revenue comes through retail. 

Amazon is expected to acquire the Israeli computing firm CloudEndure, which develops business continuity software solutions for recovery, backups, and live migrations. Amazon's Web Service is cited as the key reason for the bullishness of its shares.

Different types of Cloud-ComputingDifferent types of Cloud-Computing

By 2021, firms will spend over $266 billion per IDC data on cloud-based services. The technology has benefitted a number of large organisations, and now, the subscription-based system allows even smaller and mid-sized companies to buy it.  

These days businesses operate in a multi-cloud environment where they keep options open to receive backup data from other sources, in case, of cloud collapse. 

  • The technology is growing as it disperses risks and reduces operational costs. The feature allows businesses to use the internet to store data in an open-loop data house where they can rent space and run apps.

  • Such software is stored at giant servers, which can be connected to the local users through the internet, and organisations do not need to store and process data on their own.

  • It reduces data handling issues and provides global access to applications and data anytime. The organisations pay for the facilities provided by the data handling server.

  • This is highly beneficial as employees, associates, or HR managers can look into the company's data from anywhere, anytime, and they can always access the updated information.  In addition, the system speeds up processing and sale without interrupting data processing. 

  • It can be offered in 3 types/ layers IaaS (infrastructure as a service), PaaS (platform as a service), and Saas (software as a service).

  • The three categories allow providers to give IaaS, where the apps can run on public networks through subscriptions. The companies pay as they use, and it no more has to manage data. It will reduce the initial cost of infrastructure implementation.

The second category, PaaS, allows users to build and deploy applications. The provider offers operating systems, services, and network infrastructure, and the business only needs to work on business-related functions. 

IaaS runs the entire application and also provides security and maintenance. However, proper analysis and research over data transfer, data handling, administration, and operation costs are required to shift business to cloud computing.

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