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Branding involves Omni-channel strategies to help a company stay ahead of its competitors.  It requires a face where an individual, or an executive, or the salesperson or other kind of customer representative, serves as ambassador who can explain about the product through a combination of intangible and visible features, to influence a group of buyers or target customers, while, creating value for the target. Companies use branding with logos, names, phrases to make their offers, services or products appear different from other similar items in the market.

It helps to build image of the product in the minds of people - which can be a controlled or uncontrolled that includes comments from media and related verbal messages.  The identification involves logo, tone, general behavior, the tagline, the images and various other components.

Brand strategies can be used to plan the goals of a marketing campaign where the strategy helps to create equities and perception that will attract customers to spend on it. During the Thanksgiving weekend big ecommerce websites are offering major discounts in their offers, and other incentives such as free shipping, gifts etc. These components help to build opinions.

Co-branding helps to complement the elements of the products, and collateral indicates the material such as email templates, brochures, data sheets, business cards, email signatures etc.

Culture and extensions

The culture of a company is mostly made up of the thinking modes, working standards and the beliefs. Its logo represents the design, text, images and combination of ideas representing the company.

Brand extensions help to launch a new product. Such extension can be used to develop new products for immediate audience, created through existing customer base.   

Risks in branding

A marketing strategy or project can fail in case the story associated with the product is not unique, or if it appears to be coming from the competitors.

Inconsistent approach where different versions of logo or marketing concepts are released at the same time, can lead to confusion about it.   During the launch of marketing campaign, the company should update all its social sites and forum messages where consistent information and clear details should be provided to avoid confusions to enable customer identify the potential of the new services or products.

Some marketing campaign lacks the creative ideas or the designs where the image is unable to accurately depict what the seller want to provide. The image quality should be tested through various quality standards to ensure the viewers are able to recognize it amidst other brand designs. Recently, multinational Wal-Mart partnered with interactive video creator Eko to promote reality lab where children can test playthings provided by the retailer to offer better brand experience.

Evolution and future

To promote a brand, it is necessary to work consistently to help it evolve through the processes of marketing from the initial planning, launch to evolution stage. The marketing strategies should be able to create a memorable brand to have a lasting impression on the viewers.

With technological advancement, online marketing puts a heavy emphasis on one-to-one connections with the buyers and its products. Online shopping spaces try to diffuse the difference between offline and online shopping experience.  

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