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2019 Web Development Security and Other Issues


The current generation of web developers are expected to be proficient in the latest technological professional environment and should be able to learn and adapt to new changes as every industry is swiftly trying to revolutionise IT aspects and services and Web Development Security.

It is expected by 2020, 36 per cent of Gen Z will constitute the global workforce, and the new workers will be mainly the digital natives who grew up in internet-centric societies or are members of the era where every year changes in technology and advancements, are effortlessly recognised and adopted by the users. 

Simplified Codes

Many companies are working on progressive sites based on simplified codes and can promote customer loyalty and higher conversions. In addition, such websites are adaptable to different platforms and smart devices and can be updated independently.

Some are using static site generators that are websites with texts stored in files. Static websites can be created using generators, promoting better loading, improved safety and easy traffic management. 

The new era websites are one-page standard websites that can provide information and features in short and are based on the principles of convenience and speed.  

UX is significant for implementing single-page websites. Many of us will be witnessing animations and other types of designs to suit different screen resolutions and devices in the coming years. 

New technologies in the area include blockchain technology, AR/ VR, chatbots and technology to track user behaviour. The new chatbots are intelligent bots that work as if talking to the customer care executive. 

Bolder and stronger typography will get famous where reliable, informative and convincing content will be accepted. 

The use of video and illustrations will increase, providing better insight, and there can be a significant improvement in UI design and outlook. 

Cyber Security Attacks

This year many companies encountered cyber-security attacks, and many internet giants reported data breaches where some large corporations implemented technologies to promote security policies. 2018, the Chinese and Russian militaries depicted a kind of cyber war sophistication, and various other organisations are working in such areas.

Such cyber-attacks are frightening and show the vulnerability of IT systems. However, better security provisions through HTTPS and automatic updates through Service Worker API can help owners to get easy updates on demand.

AI Virtual Assistant

AI may be developed to promote functions and processes where the machines can offer better security to track users’ activities through AI.  AI virtual assistant has simplified the web development process where many tedious tasks will be easily handled, and one can create personalised content using online query features.

Technology will also promote the creation of designs where machines can perceive the surroundings with the help of sensors, and IoT can help to stimulate the creation of graphics. Moreover, machines can be used to find inconsistencies in designs and fix issues. Alongside, AI delivers unmatched cognitive abilities. 

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