99 Alternatives Imminent cyber attacks and threats

Imminent cyber attacks and threats


There is a need to develop new tools to identify cyber threats as the attackers use complicated methods where spoofing refers to messages from someone known. Still, it can lead to clicking on a link to download a virus. Additionally, an email account can be hacked through password cracking, where one gets full access to the emails.

People and companies trust social networking websites-  Facebook, Google, and other large companies for data protection. Still, last year a series of data theft was reported where millions of data records of people were put at risk. 

Data BreachData Breach

In the first half of 2018, 2,308 openly known data breaches were reported, leading to the exposure of 2.6 billion user records per Risk-based Security firm's report. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for better data management and identity security practices.

In the modern system, data is equivalent to funds, and more and more people want to secure their data; some are suggesting blockchain solutions to resolve it. 

XG firewalls have been suggested where cyber-security management will be done in the cloud. Customers can manage their XG firewalls alongside the Sohpios Sever to handle threats like Emotet.

Growing Cyber AttacksGrowing cyber attacks

There are growing reports of Iranian and Chinese cyber attacks on the US government and other private agencies. Many US corporations and agencies have been affected by the attacks. Recently, Australian political parties complained of cyber hacks suspected to be from China.

The cyber experts said the attacks could come from any part of the network, mobile device, desktop or laptop. 

The Iranian and the Chinese attacks were made at the same time when the US was suspected of stealing trade and military secrets from the American contractor. 

Some of the latest hacking has been made for commercial purposes. The prime target of the hackers, as suspected by the victims, is to protect Beijing's five-year economic plans, to help China retain its leadership in AI and other technologies.

Malicious malware can be used to scan systems to detect the vulnerability in networks. These latest methods involve using the direct program to enter a system, use encrypted traffic, erase server logs and other methods. 

Airbus alleged its database was penetrated, and the Chinese ISPs made before-mentioned attacks across millions and hundreds of corporate and government networks.

A recent attack on Visma, as per Recorded Future, stated the threat was executed to gain access to customer intellectual properties, emails, strategic plans, and intellectual property of clients in the automotive, pharmaceutical, technology, and biomedical sectors. 

As per the FireEye reports, the Iranian attackers have moved their base to 80 targets, including telecommunication, ISPs, and government agencies in the US and 12 EU nations.

The Iranian hackers are trying to access core routing systems, where they can recognise traffic between domain name registrars and steal the emails from the mailboxes.

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