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Why The Rewriting Process Is Important in Seo Content Writing


SEO content writing refers to creating content with the intention of ranking higher in search results to attract maximum visitors. If I explain this in easy words, it will sound like it is a process that involves creating quality content that is perfect from every aspect i.e., uniqueness, clarity, etc. 

According to my personal experience, most of you out there reading this will not always be successful in coming up with good-quality content. Sometimes you may need to rewrite some of its parts i.e., sentences or paragraphs after creating it. Such that it can satisfy both the search engine's and the user's goal. 

But let me tell you, there are several other reasons as well that make rewriting useful for SEO content writing. In this article, I am going to discuss some of those reasons in detail. 


Explanation of Rewriting

I will try my best to explain rewriting in simpler terms. So, basically, it is a process of making changes i.e., replacement of words or alteration of sentence structure in the already existing content to improve its overall quality without damaging its original meaning. 

But wait let me tell you one more thing, you can either perform the rewriting process manually or with the help of rewriting article tool that also rewrites the given content by following the same approach (replacement of words, alteration of sentence structure, etc.) that is followed in the manual process.

Reasons Why Rewriting Process is Important in SEO Content Writing

As I have mentioned in the intro several reasons will explain the importance of rewriting for SEO. But below, I am only going to discuss the major ones. 


1. Greatly Contributes to Optimizing Content for both SE’s & and Audience

Greatly contributes to optimizing content for both SE’s & and audience

The main purpose of SEO writing is to create SEO-optimized content, right? there are multiple things you need to take care of to come up with optimized content. 

One of these things includes content readability - how easy to understand the content is. Rewriting can be highly beneficial in improving content readability, let me explain how in a bit more detail. 

While writing content for SEO, you may write words or phrases that can be difficult to understand for normal readers. This will indicate poor readability and give a bad image of your content to search engines. 
But wait…you can replace the difficult words and phrases with their simple and yet relevant synonyms to tackle the issue of poor readability. Let me explain how you can do this with a live example. 


Complex Sentence: “Search engine optimization (or SEO) is an ever-transmuting field. But throughout all these vicissitudes, one thing has remained constant, and that’s the paramountcy of content to SEO”

Now, I am going to rewrite this by replacing complex words with simple synonyms. 


Rewritten Sentences: “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-changing field. But throughout all these changes, one thing has remained constant, and that is the necessity of content for SEO”

According to my experience, after replacing complex words with simple ones you will likely be successful in coming up with readable content. 

When your SEO writing is readable, people will spend more time reading it which will result in a decreased bounce rate and increased dwell time, both of these are essential ranking factors. 


2.  Avoid Keyword Stuffing:-  

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keywords are an essential element of SEO content writing and can greatly contribute to improving search result rankings. 

I know and have personally seen many online friends overloading their SEO content with too many keywords, known as keyword stuffing. I personally recommend always avoiding it while creating SEO-optimized because, according to search engines they count keyword stuffing as an illegal black-hat technique to manipulate search rankings. 

You can rewrite the content by eliminating overused keywords from it, to avoid keyword stuffing. Doing this will give a professional feel to both search crawlers and the audience when they are skimming the content. 

Let me explain this with a live example as well:


Keyword-Stuffed Content: “Product marketing is everything, we simply love product marketing. Good product marketing can change your company. The right product marketing can close more deals, so connect with us & we'll help you with product marketing.”

Now I am going to rewrite this keyword-stuffed content by eliminating overused words from it. 


Rewritten Content: “Product marketing is everything, and we simply love it. Good product marketing can not only change your company but can close more deals, so connect with us, and we will be happy to work with you”

I think, now you will have an efficient idea of how rewriting helps in avoiding keyword-stuffing from the content. 

3.    Prevent the Risk of Plagiarism:- 

Prevent the risk of plagiarism

Plagiarism is a serious yet common issue in SEO content writing. It refers to using another person’s written content without giving proper credit to the original author. Plagiarism can occur both intentionally and unintentionally and can result in consequences like lower rankings, etc. 

During SEO writing there is a chance some of the passages may accidentally match with someone else, resulting in plagiarism. In this case, you can consider rewriting the plagiarized piece of content by replacing or rearranging words or phrases, eliminating unnecessary words, etc. 

When you rewrite the plagiarized content by making these kinds of changes, there is a strong chance that you will end up generating a 100% unique version. Unique content is more likely to grab both search engines and audience attention. 

I think these reasons will be enough to convince you why rewriting is important in SEO content writing.

Final Thoughts

Rewriting is a process of making changes in existing content to generate an improved version of it. It can be highly useful in SEO content writing due to multiple reasons like prevention of keyword stuffing, plagiarism, and many more. In this article, I have explained these reasons in detail, so that you can have a better understanding of why rewriting is essential. 

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