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Why migrating to cloud computing so essential?


Cloud is about shifting data to a flat topology where the components can be transferred easily, quickly and free of latency. It helps the users to tackle network challenges and allows a fluid experience that works on the idea of ubiquitous computing where the resources are spread across physical locations; hence, there is a need for network encryption to ensure safety.

The key objective is to ensure the organisation utilises the system's full potential. In addition, networking helps the users create virtual networks based on its services where the system is centrally visible and managed easily.

Companies spending heavily on CloudCompanies Spending Heavily On Cloud

Globally, 73 per cent of the firms have at least one application. It is especially gaining in areas like entertainment, media, broadcasting, publishing, sports, and music, where the amount of media content, video streams, online videos/downloads, and devices are increasing.

As per estimation, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated daily on the digital sphere, where 13 new songs were added to Spotify every minute in 2017. Cloud allows multiple networks to integrate and provide on-premises data centres – like a single resource.

The unified infrastructure allows the user to access the files from any platform where the network speed is high as the physical movement of data packets between servers is reduced. 

Several firms have joined the cloud since 2014. The makers of networking gears and computer chips are spending heavily on such data migration per the first quarter of 2019 reports. Research estimates more than $1.3 trillion can be spent on it directly or indirectly in the next three years.

Goldman Sach estimates the spending can grow 18 per cent but slow down by 42 per cent in 2019 than a year ago to $104.3 billion. In the last year, Amazon Web Service and Google, based on such services, grew simultaneously as Microsoft Azure could not catch up to the cloud uptime in North America.  

Advantages And RisksAdvantages and risks

These are data stores made up of warehoused centres joined with racks of servers and networking gears. Networking plays a key role in workload distribution. In addition, networking is crucial for reconfiguration during migration from on-premises to the cloud or between different cloud providers. 

To integrate networking, the resources employed across different platforms should work smoothly.

The key issue faced by the managers during such migration is that it is a completely new architecture that requires working efficiently, even on the new platform. 

The static network hinders data movement where the resources are limited to physical locations or takes time to share or shift resources. Sometimes, the data is limited to on-premises systems. 

Similarly, the number of users publishing page edits, Instagram posts, pictures uploads and the increasing number of video streaming hours on Netflix and YouTube continuously raise the need for better services, improving connectivity and keeping up with the competition.   

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