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Why a Responsive Website Design is Indispensable?


Nowadays, more and more internet users choose mobiles to view web pages and buy products. Wordstream released stats on how people use the internet, where it was found that at least 87 per cent of online marketers are using video content. 

Furthermore, a third of the online activities are spent on video, with the highest number of videos accessed in Saudi Arabia.

Since video marketing is becoming important for reaching the target buyers, ad stories are posted on social networking sites such as Instagram with some interesting videos, which can get immediate responses from the viewers.  

The design of a website should be compatible with different types of devices from where the user should be able to access the pages. In addition, the pages should adjust to the screen size and depict valuable data instantly.

The website designers should be able to define a strategy to meet the business requirements. Especially, the companies offering consumer goods should create mobile-friendly designs, where the layouts and elements should read just as per the device's screen size.

While minimizing screen, the website should be able to highlight the content, depict multimedia properly, represent the right font size, and readjust images automatically. Apps like Google's mobile-friendly test tools can let the developer know if the mobile design is responsive or not.

A responsible mobile design involves strategies to modify the web page design on run time, where the user accesses the page. Then, depending upon the device and screen size, the website involuntarily changes to suit the user's requirement.

Benefits of a responsive website designBenefits Of A Responsive Website Design

  • It helps to maintain the brand image.

  • It improves accessibility and interaction with the customer.

  • It increases the page rank and traffic.

  • The proper use of mobile version development can reduce development and marketing costs.

  • It increases business opportunities, where companies can offer complimenting services.

  • This reduces the bounce rate and conversion rate.

A responsive website is touch-friendly. Page navigation and loading should be fast. Navigating provides a complete sketch or map of the website.

The website needs to use tools or code which does not create menace or increase load time, such as drop-down menus can be avoided as it becomes a nuisance when the screen is setting changes from desktop to mobile. 

The programmer should be able to test the advantages or demerits of all the design elements, and small page size should be able to improve download speed. According to Google research, about 53 per cent of the users tend to abandon the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Web pages should support the latest technologies, platforms, web browsers, devices, animations, and scripts without much delay and without giving an error on loading.

In 2015, Google claimed most websites that were getting a higher page rank had responsive designs, and this led to an increase in the number of websites compatible with different screen sizes and platforms, while the site owner is making a continuous effort to improve the interaction of the website with the user and increase its interoperability.

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