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Which social media app has a ghost as its mascot


Snapchat is a multimedia messaging service launched in September 2011, and it took social media by storm with incredible growth and customer attention. It has a huge customer base, and it has been able to manage connectivity with the Gen Z group.

Its central feature is that it limits access to the posts made by visitors. However, it allows a person to share Snaps that last about one to ten seconds, and the users embellish each snap with drawings, captions and filters. 

Snapchat was released with the logo Ghost, which retained the ghost shape later but removed the face on the logo. It allows users to add friends on Snapchat to start chatting and view friends' stories. In addition, one can add a Phone Address Book, Nearby Location, User Identity, and Profile link and scan the snap code of the app.

The Chat Ghost displayed behind the friends' names allows adding friends from the address book. If you add somebody, you can get a Ghost with a smiling face and heart-shaped eyes.

The website offers a range of emoticons that you can post, and if the message comes from an anonymous person, a selfie ghost or a white ghost with a funny face can be seen. Like the Super Bowl, Snapchat-sponsored Lense has generated huge revenue for the firm. 

Who Has A Ghost As A Mascot?

The social media Snapchat app offers video and photo messaging where one can talk to friends and relatives, and the app updates its features occasionally. In addition, it has a ghost mascot with a thick, black outline against the yellow square with rounded corners.

The yellow colour is believed to have helped the logo gain recognition. The logo is a unique choice with a distinctive shape and striking colour that successfully makes a mark on the visitors. 

The yellow Ghost appears like a creeping creature and has also been named the Ghostface Chillah – based on the Wu-Tang clan Ghostface Killah. The emoji is designed on a white sheet that appears like a creeping creature, and blog users state it appears scary as it does not have a happy face. Some users call it the yellow ghost logo. 

In a blog, Snapchat mentioned that it is ghost-like because one may see and then they may not. The Ghost does not have a face, and the firm said they forgot the face and wanted to state the user himself is the face on the logo. The Snapchat ghost logo designer initially said the logo had a face and a smiley but removed it later. 

What Is The Main Purpose Of Snapchat?

It is a social media networking site that allows sending messages, audio, and videos rarely saved. Instead, the messages are delivered in the rawest form in the moment of connection. 

Snap is the word used to describe the disappearing nature of videos and pictures posted on the website, where the main functionality is to send messages, and once it is viewed, it disappears.

One can use the chat feature to start a conversation with someone where you swipe right on the name of the user from your recent snaps page and then message. The message disappears once you have read it. 

Over 60% of the users use the app's chat function daily. However, as the snaps are viewed, it is gone forever. The representatives of the site state that social media networking sites work in the manner we communicate, face-to-face, in the manner we talk to each other, and we live out our lives. The chat disappears once the communication is over.

The website emulates behaviour and psychology commonly found in real-life communication. The collection of snaps can create a story. Unlike snaps sent to an individual friend, it can be viewed by anyone who follows you.

The stories last over 24 hours after posting and can be re-watched several times. In addition, one can watch the story and reply to a particular picture or video sent by swiping it up from the bottom of the screen.

Snapchat memories allow the person to share photos, videos, and stories. The users can see memories to tell bigger stories that incorporate more than clicks, pictures or videos. The website promotes sharing spontaneous content like Facebook and Instagram, where the content posted does not disappear.

How Many People Use Snapchat?

As of December 2022, Snapchat has 363 Million Daily Active Users, and it is popular with teenagers below 16. Also, 73% of US Snapchat users are 18 to 24. A Wired report found teens most belonging to the Gen Z age group love the life and breath of Snapchat.

From its inception to use, it is inherently based on frictionless space where the next generation user can explore their identities and not feel judged by their close/known friend group. 

Most of the products and advertisements are posted with the notion that one can be whoever one wants to be without the influence of yesterday. 

Data figures indicate - How many people use Snapchat? How many young users use it for messaging/ texting and related information? 

  • In the US, 90 per cent of 13 to 24-year-olds use it to express themselves, giving them an easy way to contact friends. It is a cool app that everyone likes.

  • Almost 63% of the app users access it daily, and 61% are female. As a result, some brands believe the platform offers a hugely receptive audience for marketing purposes.

  • The site promotes vertical video ads that one can view with the phone held vertically, and its swipe rates are five times higher than normal social media click-through rates.

  • There are multiple features in the chat pages where you can add Instagram-style image filters, monocles, moustaches, selfies and lenses. In addition, there are various fun ways to enhance the snaps.

  • The lenses were introduced in 2015 and offer ways to enhance the snaps. For example, it provides goofy animations which can be posted with selfies. As per estimates, over 10 million snaps use lenses daily.

  • Such features are extensively popular on the site, as the user can use the cameras to take selfies and then press and hold the face to activate Lenses. As you play with lenses before taking a snap, please select the one from the bottom row and follow the instructions to post it.

  • Lenses have been a part of the monetisation strategy of the website. The sponsored brand stories and lens provide ways to generate a primary revenue stream. For example, Gatorade's sponsored Super Bowl Lens generated over 100 million views over the weekend and got views like live TV. Snapchat sells sponsorships between $450,000 and $750,000 a day.

  • Snapchat has introduced a type of geo-filter that allows users to pay Snapchat to have their geo-filter for specific geographical locations. On-demand geo-filters allow people to pay. Users downloaded the app 41.5 million times in the month after the release of filters.

  • There are certain filters which can offer unique overlays for snaps where one can get access to locations. Geofilter allows artists and designers to use the features to bring their style into designs. 

Some select brands offer sponsored geo-filters, and some have launched broader products in the year.

Who Owns Snapchat?

Who owns Snapchat, and what is its business model? Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy co-own Snapchat Inc. Evan Spiegel was the youngest billionaire in the world in 2015. In April 2011, while studying product design at Stanford University, Spiegel proposed the design of Snapchat – which was named Picaboo.

He worked with classmates Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, and the app grew significantly. By the end of 2012, the app user count reached 1 million daily active users. 

The business model attracts users in three ways: it creates a sense of urgency, appeals to buyers who do not want to feel sold out and offers personalised sales marketing channels.

The website allows users to be in the moment and use tools to appear spontaneous and creative. For example, the app allows users up to 2.1 million snaps per minute.

Mark Zuckerberg tried to buy it for $3 billion, but the owners refused to sell it. As a result, the firm's share price rose 200% in 2019 as the firm was valued at $23.5 billion. 

There are certain conditions when the website can retrieve the content sent. For example, the chats or snaps remain stored if it is unopened for 30 days after they are sent, and the story content is available for 24 hours or until it is deleted.

It has a written policy that states that it can provide information to the police or law department in response to any legal proceedings. The act allows obtaining basic subscriber information and account content. It shows metadata, not the actual content snaps. 

Certain other reports find the website does not delete the photos; it buries them deep inside a device, and forensic examiners may resurface them. In addition, certain memory content may be available unless the user deletes it. 

What Social Media Uses A Ghost?

The Facebook logo can be recognised everywhere. It is created on the blur white box and uses a light colour background. Twitter logo is about the infamous bird that tweets away merrily. One can use the mascot in blue or white, and Twitter recommends applying a 10% -20% black off the entire image to get the legibility of the white mascot.

The website allows an exception where a white logo may not work with colour printing. Google uses G & +, whereas the official Google+ red colour has no alternative or reverse colour options. Whatsapp is a messaging app that connects with users through a local network.

It can be used to text or make a call. The logo of Whatsapp features a white phone on a green dialogue cloud. The design is very clear and straightforward, representing the app's function.

  • Each social media has certain criteria for selecting its logo. Each brand uses the logo to indicate its attitude, aim or vision. In addition, there are rules for using logos. For example, the brand allows users to download and use the approved social media app mascot and not create their own version.

  • Each brand mascot has a certain specific choice/pattern of colours. Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook –use blue colours. Snapchat has three colour variations associated with the Snapchat ghost logo: the background can be fully yellow, monochrome with a black background or monochrome with a white background. 

  • Snapchat uses the Ghost as it has certain features different from other social media websites. For example, the minimum and maximum size of the Snapchat ghost logo for digital applications can be around 45 pixels wide, and the print application can be 10mm wide.

  • The clear space around the social media app mascot is equivalent to one–third of the width of the ghost mark. The mascot design has brand guidelines where a certain clear space is found around it, making it visible to the audience.

  • The Snapchat logo allows users to use any of the three colour versions with the background colour. The Ghost can show emotions like – surprise, victory, boredom, laughter, anger, shock, etc. There are many advertisements of major brands posted on social media sites. 

The shape and proportion of each social media app mascot element should be the same when resizing. The site does not have a public friends feed or a mechanism to show people their friends are viewing or engaging with your content. Instead, it provides a great way to build an audience through pre-existing followers on various networks.

A technique like Vine and YouTube influencers to divert the audience to other social media platforms can be used by a person using the platform to promote Snapchat narratives. One way to do it is by scheduling posts on Buffer, which helps promote Snapchat throughout the week. 

Other platform-specific tips include making the profile picture on Facebook and Twitter as your Snapchat QR code and setting up automated direct messages on Twitter with a value proposition for others to follow.

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