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What does Responsive Web Design mean?


A responsive web design development aims to have a visual strategy to scale the screen size to offer easy navigation on multiple screen resolutions. In contrast, many websites become unreadable and distorted on small screens like smartphones and tab. 

Such websites must change their user interface to allow mobile users to view and access the features easily.

These days more traffic to eCommerce websites is coming from mobile devices. Therefore, the sites should be designed in a manner that is quick, effortless and easy for the user in terms of searching, filling out the forms and placing an order. As a result, search engines prioritise interactive websites, reducing the load time.

The Visual Strategy Of A Responsive Web Design DevelopmentThe Visual Strategy Of A Responsive Web Design Development

  • The pages should be able to readjust their content to suit the user's screen size, where the content can be minimised for smaller screens, and the remainder of the content can be displayed on another page, or an alternative page can be created.

  • There is a need to have navigable and bulleted points, which can be filled easily, and the submit button should be small and visible, placed clearly in the centre of the page, as mobile users may not scroll the pages left-right or down to check for the content.

  • Scalable vector graphics are required on such pages to ensure the content appears simple and clean.

  • The media content and videos should be able to resize the content to show on smaller pages.

  • Such sites may be created with flexible grids and elements on-page, which could be sized by proportion instead of fixed pixels. The design determines the size, and accordingly, the content is displayed.

  • It requires responsible imaginary and sizeable graphics, which can improve the load time.

  • Such website design and user interface changes can increase buyer interaction and get better call-to-action and instant valuation for pages.

Adaptive Web Applications Design

Adaptive Web Applications Design

Some websites may create such versions through an adaptive approach, or one can start by designing from scratch. An adaptive website creates a set of static layouts for a particular screen resolution. Then, depending on the device's size, the version with a specific resolution can load. 

It means multiple versions of the same sites are created, and all the site versions are maintained and updated regularly. 

However, it increases the workload and complexity.


The new generation of consumers is driving the demand for better web experience, and PWA helps deliver a superior digital experience. Some eCommerce sites are made on progressive web applications that combine the best features of the mobile apps and the sites to deliver responsive designs. 

It provides instant home screen access, push notifications, and offline work features, improving searchability. 

PWA provides a consistent experience across multiple devices where the pages can load like a desktop and offer several advanced features. 

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