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What does responsive mean in web design?


The latest marketing and sales strategies are reliant on technology for growth. The small and medium-sized enterprises must adopt the best strategies to meet the new competition in consumerism. Responsive is used for improving the adaptability of the design to suit the user's choice of the device screen. It can also be termed as liquid, flexible, elastic or fluid design and Responsive Web Designs,

The role of such a design is gradually increasing in website development, which can be analyzed by checking the visitors' data to the website. If the recorded number of visitors on desktop screens is gradually declining on mobile or other screens, it means, the users are not comfortable with your web design.

This raises the risk of losing loyal customers who may not use the desktop to order products due to the availability of multiple other screen options that come with the ease of accessing and ordering products on mobiles. 

It may happen in future the young buyers may depend only on mobiles or alternative screens for most of their browsing needs. In such conditions, the website owners may need to determine a strategy to increase responsiveness.

Also, the user behaviour varies in case of other devices like on mobile there is no point and click the device and the browsing are mostly through touch, although, Androids support a wide range of browsers and screen resolution and they have high-density screens of higher resolutions. 

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Responsive means usable, navigable and visible on smaller and larger screens 

Mobile browsing enables more people to access the internet easily anywhere. People who were confused about the keywords and language of computers found smartphones a convenient way to access the internet. Designers have been creating websites for mobiles, tablets, cars, glasses, large desktops – for all types of smaller and larger resolutions, where some screen resolution is meant for large walls.   

The trend of browsing on tablets is shrinking which has smaller than desktop and a larger than mobile screen. It can be integrated into devices like a mouse to navigate through a click. 

The latest trend involves a hybrid device that is intermediate – between the computer and a tablet.  


Responsive Web Designs

RWD or Responsive Web Design aims to use a single code for multiple devices. RWD can be written in CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and other display elements. Many such styles and elements can be built with maximum code efficiency. They are SEO friendly, easy to navigate and can be reused. 

These days it is necessary to have an RWD website that can be accessed on the smartphone by the users. The format prevents the users from losing interest in the site and eases viewing and searching. A user-friendly design from an experienced website development firm can help to deliver a light, fast downloading navigable site.

This will also help in improving the SEO rank of the site with the mobile-first indexing. Regardless of its business, accessibility can be improved to reach new buyers easily. 

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