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The process of lead generation starts when the visitor clicks on call-to-action (CTA) located on the website or the blog post. The CTAs brings the user to the landing page that can be used to collect contact details like first name, last name, company's name, and the email address of the visitors where if they fill in and submit the form, they are directed to the Thank You page and Web to lead Salesforce.

Such form fills are linked to lead magnets like worksheets, eBooks, checklists, problem-solvers, and valuable video contents. For such offers, users are ready to fill in their email address or other information.

Certain pages with interactive features like polls, surveys, relevant social messages or videos, can also be used to bring new visitors to the page. 

Live chat software can be used to boost conversions and AI can be used to track user activities and their inclinations as they go through the pages. Gating is the method used by some websites to show only a part of the content where it asks the user to register to the site to view fully.

Some websites use exit-intent triggers to detect when they are planning to leave the pages. This part can be used to gain immediate response before the exit. 

Web to lead form in salesforce allows the website owner to create a record of visitors who can be tracked automatically. It is the place that can direct visitors from the websites to enter certain information to get a powerful method to turn them into leads.

What is a web lead

What is a web lead?

A lead refers to the process of gathering information related to a prospective customer interested in getting the service or product with the goal to turn the interest into a sale.  It is one of the key areas where the sales team need to work in the B2B firms as their untested products of multiple dollars may not find buyers online, if it is not properly promoted.  

Web lead refers to the online visitors who submit information on the web form or fill responses with the request to be contacted by the business. It is also called an inquiry and helps to educate and nurture visitors through email marketing. 

Email marketing is one of the most common and predominantly used channels that can gather prospective customer's contact info and become useful in stages when the customer initially is hesitant to procure the products.

Collecting internet-based information through methods like SEM, SEO, social media, display ads, and others, before reaching out through a salesperson is an efficient way where multiple strategies can be adopted by a firm depending on their goals and budgetary constraints. 

To prevent a new buyer from running away and molding the new response into positive outcomes, keep in mind the online leads have the following characteristics. 

  • There is a huge difference between virtual and real working response. In the digital world, it takes a few minutes for the user to search for the ideal product or services where they may want to communicate digitally to find answers.

  • If they immediately get a response, they may stay back on the website, even as; they keep investigating for the competition. The users are easily annoyed if the website is slow or if the phone numbers are not available on the top or if they are asked to submit the same information again and again.

  • Most such buyers looking for various alternative options may not be ready to buy yet, while, they may keep researching future options where the seller must communicate realistically and tell them about their inquiry within the range of submission.

  • If the website owners are not in the position to respond, they need to install auto-response with customized tailored features for a positive response.

  • The messages should be straightforward and not unwanted and annoying. If the user does not want to fill in the details like phone call number, do not bound them to certain pages. 

  • Ask only relevant questions and research on the leads to knowing better. You can ask about contact details or monitor user behavior on the site using AI to assess the quality of the lead.

  • It is necessary to track the conversation rates, ROI, click-through rates and other sources to monitor the process and to determine alternative strategies for improving the outcome. 

What is the web to lead in salesforce

What is the web to lead in salesforce?

Web to lead in salesforce is the automatic method used to create a lead record through the form published on a website that involves offering visitors with registration or input forms where they fill in personal details or hobbies that helps to trace the demographics and specific interests of prospective customers.

It can become a critical tool used by the digital marketing team where one can make most of the web traffic by converting visitors into buyers by working in coordination with other in-house strategies.

Web to lead Salesforce application provides ways to create such forms that can capture information about the visitors and it is automatically stored as new records in the Salesforce install.

Such leads can be qualified, scored, and routed to sales representatives and from there one can redirect visitors to pages on your site or set automated email to lead salesforce follow-ups. Overall, it helps to start a new customer journey. 

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How can I set up a web to lead in Salesforce

How can I set up a web to lead in Salesforce?

The best way is to first try to find out the kind of audience you want to target. Some of the queries that need to be answered are - 

  • Who is the primary audience?

  • What are the strategies that can help to get contact information or motivate the user to fill in the registration form?

  • What are the best possible methods of communication like email or social networking or phone?

  • How to set ways to handle new visitors to the site?

The firm can determine the basic strategy to set the web to lead in Salesforce and follow the steps – 

  • Enable web to lead form in salesforce checkbox, where the default lead creator is the system admin - the owner of the lead creator in Salesforce. 

  • Then you create the form where you set up custom fields from the objects and add or remove fields by choosing add/to remove buttons. 

  • Reorder the fields by using up and down buttons. 

  • The return URL and the language are some mandatory fields that should be mentioned in the form.  

  • "Return URL" shows after the submission of the main form and then the users have to set up the benefits/ offers provided by the company to keep the visitor interested. 

  • After customization one can place the code on the website and see the list of leads you get from the web by clicking on the leads TAB in the software.

How do I use a web lead in Salesforce

How do I use a web lead in Salesforce?

To set up the web to lead salesforce – one should first create custom lead fields and specify the way to map to custom fields like the contact information, accounts, and opportunities.

You can create one default web lead in Salesforce which can be sent to prospects, once they have submitted the information through the website and then the default status for the newly converted can be created that are assigned to the sales representatives / shifted to queues. The lead queues can be assigned to individual representatives.

One should design the website in the way that it is highly user friendly, navigable and it leads the viewers to the main goal making things easily reachable and at expected placements.

The website should have a secure call to action that links the lead to free eBook and monthly newsletters.

Blogging is a way to get new leads where the businesses can post content regularly to generate more visitors than those who do not blog. 

Mention the contact information clearly on the advertisement or web page where the numbers should be written in noticeable fonts and placed in the manner to be easily accessible to the user.  

Adding contact numbers to the page increases consumer trust and also enhances the credibility of the offer. One can integrate the contact information on each page of the site or the contact tab. 

For higher credibility, the current customer reviews of the website, the ad photographs, and thought-provoking testimonials of the potential buyer should be posted to help secure decisions.

One can post attractive videos or can answer user queries or solve a problem or tell a story / or about the firm's profile.  Videos can help to connect with new users where you speak to the users directly and product videos are made in the manner to convert users to customers and be more productive in comparison to a general advertisement.

How do I create an email lead in Salesforce

How do I create an email lead in Salesforce?

Most online thriving businesses know the significance of email to lead salesforce and they devise multiple strategies to target it. To make the firm a part of the prospering group it is necessary to determine and set up the process as it provides one of the easiest media of interaction between the two parties.  

  • On receiving the email address of the prospect, the firm can nurture and make it workable by engaging with the right kind of visitors with useful information. 

  • Then an email to lead salesforce template should be created where the email response rules should be created. 

  • The different email to lead salesforce templates are designed depending on the information provided by the user. 

  • One can leverage emails through the software to reduce context switching that can help the sales representatives to stay focused on the leads and deal without toggling to different applications. One should try to build a custom page that highlights the partner programs through clicks.  

  • Rules should be determined and activated. If the rule is inactive, web –generated leads can be assigned to the default owner as per the settings made in the software app.  

How to test the web to lead Salesforce

How to test the web to lead Salesforce?

  • To test the web to lead Salesforce, add the line - to the basic code. The hidden elements indicate if the debugging is On or Off (1 or 0).

  • This line redirects you to a debugging page when you submit the form. Remove this line before releasing the page to your website. 

  • The hidden elements of the form stores' organization Id, campaign Id/ member Id, and return URL. To test the webpage stored locally, Enter the form details and submit, and the page is directed to the URL. To test it in a SandBox, modify the action URL in the HTML form. 

  • To view - check on the leads tab and select the "My Unread Leads" or search for the newly created ones. 

  • You can look for the campaign id and member id to observe the status of a new campaign. 

  • The webmaster can change the email id to uncomment.  

  • Once you start getting leads, the first step is to choose the ones that you cannot neglect. Assume if such data convert into closed sales on their own, you will have to nurture it by investing time and energy on it. 

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How to Create a Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form

How to Create a Salesforce Web-to-Lead Form?

One can create a web to lead form salesforce to capture automatically up to 500 leads in a day. 
Following the step by step instruction to set up the form with spam filtering ( in Sales Cloud) can help to create it.  The lead generated is initially set as default and one may have to include the Member status to set it to member status.

  • One can use the campaign ID and other details to create a unique identity related to each entry. 

  • Criteria are set to make the entry valid if any of the fields do not get a valid entry, the data is not saved. 

  • The creator can opt for automated email reply to the online visitors or set up rules to reply and save. 

  • A form can be created to capture the details and select the fields that depend on the information one wishes to gather. 

  • Set up prep the Salesforce instance to enable it to handle special information, conduct automated email follow-ups, and make automated assignments of the new leads.

  • One can also use the features to redirect prospects to other sites which are critical for the marketing campaign. 

  • The information is saved as plain text. 

  • The feature Unread and Read is used to quickly locate. 

  • To generate fast leads- it is necessary to optimize the most effective page. 

One can check the page's analytics to find out which are the most popular pages through the page views and use tools to compare the metrics related to traffic and use engagement. 

The data can be used to shortlist pages that can be optimized to bring consistent traffic to relevant pages. 

Some website makes use of specialist landing pages to increase the conversion rates. It can be an uncomplicated theme where one requires an image and headlines and a subheading where text can be used to describe the offer and opt-in form to gather info. 

How Do I Get Started with Web-to-Lead

How Do I Get Started with Web-to-Lead?

It is necessary to use some of the best practices to turn visitors into valuable leads. Salesforce can create such forms that gather the information that is automatically stored in new records in the app and the qualified leads generated from it are directed to the sales representatives. 

  • To get started go to - Setup > App Setup > Customize > Leads > Web-to-Lead and enable the checkbox. The user is listed in the Created By field on the lead record and in most cases, the record owner is configured and the rules are set for Default email response template or Auto-Response.

  • Find out ways to automatically route the demographics, people, or other factors or the actions taken by the visitors or of those who visited to download the e-book or filled a form.

  • Set up the criteria based on the industry, location, and product -category in which the visitors are interested. 

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