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The era of Industrial Automation


Industrial automation seems unusual, but new growth in artificial intelligence, robots, cobots, and increased investment in the industrial sector have defined pathways for factory automation. 

Experts believe factory automation requires computer-aided devices operating differently in different industrial settings to replace human involvement.  

The combination of AI and 5G can lead to several developments that can change how infrastructure and manufacturing projects are conducted.

The recent is the fourth industrial revolution. The previous revolutions shifted societies from agrarian to industrial, and people moved from rural to urban areas. 

The production of electricity and steel created the second major change, and the advancement initiated the third in analogue and mechanic devices. 

A report by the World Economic Forum claims that robots will replace 75 million jobs, and 133 million new jobs will be created, resulting in 50 million more jobs in the automation sector. 

The new role will be defined for data analysts, developers, and new jobs like machine learning specialists and robotic engineers will be required to identify the peculiar human traits to be integrated into machines. 

Machines can replace humansMachines Can Replace Humans

A number of studies and research in the area found machines can replace certain repetitive work conducted by humans. 

For example, a Deloitte study finds over 30 per cent of the global shared services are being developed on robotic automation, and 44 per cent of such systems are in the planning stage or undergoing testing.

These days it is easy to produce mass robots as the cost of production and implementation has declined for collaborative projects, which can be greatly profitable for companies.

The use of machines can streamline industrial processes, especially those involving automated machines like welding, assembly (where the robots can press-fit, insert or disassemble) and inspection. 

Benefits Of AutomationBenefits of automation

ONS reports find automation will lead to the loss of 1.5 million jobs, including the ones at the highest risk, like elementary sales, shelf fillers, catering, and waiters.  

One machine can conduct the work of five people and provide savings. 

Nevertheless, it can help protect human workers from toxic working conditions and reduce health risks. Business owners can provide jobs in a safe environment and allocate dangerous jobs to machines. 

It will also improve productivity, reduce human errors, and enhance production speed as the machines can work 24/7. 

The complex and challenging control standards, regulatory demands, compliance requirements, and intelligent systems can change how industrial processes are conducted. 

Research by Infosys finds that companies in the manufacturing sector are adopting AI, firstly, to reduce errors and, secondly, to reduce the cost of operations on repetitive tasks. 

Risks of AutomationRisks of Automation

The key risk in industrial automation is security, as such processes are highly vulnerable and susceptible to cyber attacks. Threats to industrial systems may come from direct attacks to non-specific threats. 

The cases of ransomware are growing where the attackers look for vulnerabilities, exploit the data, and demand payment. 



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