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The changing role of Digital and Social Media


Upcoming retailing companies design marketing plans based on useful data collected from everyday use devices. The new ways provide customised promotions based on the data to suit customer preferences.

It allows marketers to improve approaches, determine the most effective campaigns and improve web page performance for higher conversions.

The development of internet-based features allows connected physical devices, machines, and objects to transfer data across networks without physical interactions, where the likes and interests of the viewers can be discovered to unveil behavioural patterns and target customised preferences.

VR or virtual reality is where the content can be distributed through digital channels. The technology AR and VR can be used by marketers and promoters for storytelling, explaining and giving a brief of their views, and providing an interactive experience to the visitors. 

Marketing strategiesMarketing strategies are evolving with the improvement in digital technologies where modern technologies can enable digital entry into many work areas of the target buyers.

Originally, digital strategies were used as a buzzword, but now predictions determine that marketers will spend over $375 billion on such advertisements by 2021. 

In addition, buyers are viewing and buying products on mobile phones; hence, website owners need to build strategies around smartphones. 


Such technologies can be used for branding, launching, promotion and creating awareness. It can be used to provide customer service, communicate and send notifications. It helps to identify prospective buyers and procure reliable feedback to improve the delivery of services. 

Social media provides a consistent way to reach people. Still, the trends and rules are changing where the viewers seek authentic information, which led to the growth of expert micro-influencers, who have a trusted group of followers ready to make purchases on their recommendations. These influencers are easy to reach out to for the followers than the brands.

Several companies are trying to provide personalised marketing services, where they use technology to improve customer relationships - like using social listening tools to ascertain the places where the brand was mentioned.

Video marketing is becoming a key growth strategy where customers get to see short videos related to new offers. These live videos are posted on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms, where they can be played automatically to get the immediate attention of the buyers. 

The number of people joining social media continues to grow daily, where the use of chatbots and AI is increasing. The latest reports find more than 60 per cent of the users comfortably shifted to such searches for everyday necessities.  

The chatbots provide a round-the-clock service, where people can join the platform from anywhere and learn about the website or the applications. In addition, such systems support AI-powered voice searches, where a virtual assistant can deliver on the customer's voice command.

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