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New marketing strategies for competitive online retailers


Buyers' mindset is changing with evolving internet. The baby boomers and millennials are the key force driving current economies, and in the next ten years, Generation Z will lead. Millennials comprise 25 per cent of the US population and Gen Z will constitute 40% of the American consumer.

Similar statistics can be found in other global markets where the growing population consists of the new age buyers but it is not easy for the marketers to convince the new group. Young buyers are adept in handling online resources and are seeking options to get secure and helpful content online. The major concern of all the online buyers is privacy. People have multiple options to buy from but they seek secure markets.

Ads targeting millennial and Generation Z

Ads targeting millennial and Generation Z

The posts made on social media should be informative and engaging. The information can include infographics, customer reviews, product demos, industry news and other types of content to promote dependability of the brand.

The generation Z remains in constant touch with the social media and internet, and they have multiple tools where they can research products, compare prices, seek alternative options and get almost everything that is available at shops. Additionally, young buyers are placing orders through smartphones that has several vulnerabilities.

Security and digital privacy concerns

Security and digital privacy concerns

77% of the millennial showed concerns on the Facebook use of data (Clever Real Estate marketing survey report). The Cambridge Analytica security breach has raised concerns where some social media users claim the remarketing campaigns on such a platform has been creepy and annoying. The initial emotional response has turned into anger and is no more working as it was doing previously. Such privacy breaches have modified the way the new buyers are buying products.



Poor designs and badly crafted ads can create a negative impact and it should be avoided. It is advised to create a straight forward clear image which is easily identified by the buyers, where the buyer feels the website respects their private information.  

Online businesses require strategies that can enhance the authenticity of a brand. Millennials and Gen Z dislike undesirable digital ads, especially; Gen Z has a negative feeling related to many concepts of digital advertising. Some newer concept like humour tones and a different approach is adopted by websites to relate it to the new generation. The digital marketing ads help to reach new buyers but annoying on-page ads can create a different type of impact. 

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Flexibility offers a great way to promote as it can provide personalized shopping experience and the buyer feels accommodated - not boxed. A clear user interface, fast downloading pages and easy to navigate property – improves buyer's shopping experience. For example, Alibaba has a massive search engine, intuitive interface and it can provide filter items based on price and other categories or searches. 

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