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The Bridge Between the Influencer and the Audience: Build Up Your Interactive Content Strategy


Content is the foundation of interaction on social media. The more your posts get attention from subscribers, the more benefits they bring to the business. Let’s find out what are the methods to maximize user engagement on Instagram. And also elaborate on what is the Stories Viewer Tool.

What is Interactive Content on IG?

The difference between regular publications and interactive content is that the last one leads to a certain user action. These may include leaving comments, sharing a post, ragging a brand, visiting a website, participating in a challenge, and more. The goal is simple: interactive content significantly increases engagement.

And this is not the only benefit a creator gets. These posts can help you to know your audience better. So you can use this information for future targeting. You can make two deals with one shot.

What exactly can we consider as interactive content? Here are a couple of examples for a quick overview:

  • Questions. Ask your customers for feedback on your content, a product you’re featuring, or their opinion on specific parts related to the industry.

  • Polls. Don’t make it too official. The approach should be easy, such as choosing this or that. The survey can be related to your followers, not a brand.

  • Infographic with data. Such pictures increase the time the user spends on the content.

  • A challenge. Create a fun challenge that will get your followers to participate. The terms may be placing special hashtags or using a brand's product.

  • User-generated content.  Repost images and clips of your subscribers with a certain product. This may also encourage other followers to share their experiences.

  • A tutorial. Upload a useful tutorial or helpful tips for your audience that will motivate them to try new things by themselves.

  • Quizzes. Another method to drive engagement is to add a quiz to your IG Story.

  • Storytelling. Tell a story that will resonate with your audience. Emotionally involved users are more willing to leave comments, replies, or share the published materials.

  • Behind the scenes. Let your subscribers get to know you better by showing them your background, your team, or how the work process is flowing.

  • Q&A. Ask followers to send you questions and then answer them on the video or livestream. Followers are much into such get-togethers.

  • Giveaways. This will get the attention of your subscribers. You can set various rules that participants must follow to win, such as reposting a post, leaving a comment, visiting the brand’s website, taking a test, etc.

This is the list. You can check out what kind of interacting content other influencers are using in their Stories. This will give a visual example. Use it as insights for your ideas and make sure your posts stand out from the crowd. To get the process covered, you should opt for the Story Viewer on Instagram.

How to Use Everything Out of the Instagram Story Viewer?

The service provides users with a great opportunity to watch IG Stories without using the app. You can gain some benefits by watching other influencers. See how some interactive content is perceived by users.

Take some notes, learn the tricks, determine what spots can be improved, and don’t waste time on content testing. And more good thing is that you can stay anonymous with the Public IG Story Viewer.

To start using the tool, you need to visit Toolzu’s website. Open the Story Viewer page and enter the needed Instagram username to see the Stories. The advantages of the Toolzu are as follows:

  • You can watch any public Story for free.

  • The online Instagram Story Viewer is easy to use and fast working. 

  • Use iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS, etc. Every platform is good with the tool.

  • The instrument is safe, secure, and anonymous. You can view stories without anyone knowing.

  • You can also use the Stories Downloader to save content.


The IG Story Web Viewer gives you extra abilities when working closely with this type of content that shouldn’t be ignored.


Interactive content is a proven method that implies engagement, which is a crucial element of growing an Instagram account. Give it a shot if you haven’t tried it yet and begin to evolve your profile.

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