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Technology Trends and Mobile Apps Strategies in 2019


One of the biggest problems of 2019 is the overcrowding of app stores, where the competition is getting tougher each year. The report by Juniper claims a 1,000 per cent increase in the production and launch of mobile apps in the coming years, where voice assistants and smart features will support newer versions.

Further, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning can improve mobile functions. The apps will be integrated into AI chatbots and ML tools for comprehensive automation. 

Apps to Enhance Workplace ProductivityApps to Enhance Workplace Productivity

  • Low-cost hyper-casual games will be launched more in the next few years, where the production time will be short. The studios can develop and launch such games in some months.  
  • Simple mechanisms to develop such games, which can be played several times a day, combined with monetisation features, could be launched.

  • Instant installation and convenience will enable more and more users to join such gaming communities.

  • Such games will attract common crashes and better ratings than competitors, promoting retention. 

  • These days gaming apps are integrated into other forms of entertainment where the user can gain knowledge or improve personal productivity while playing.

  • Many new apps are designed to increase workplace productivity or streamline business functions.  

  • Playable ads are added by brands to communicate with the user and enhance ROI. Such playable ads and offers can be used to join the missing links between the physical world and the digital world. 

Virtual Reality VR and ARVirtual Reality VR and AR

The rise of Pokemon Go shows growing demand for interactive apps where the industry predicts a rise in revenue through such technologies by three times to 90 billion USD in the coming two years. 

In addition, a Business Intelligence report finds the wearable market will grow 35 per cent in the next year.

There can be growth in the number of wearable apps, which can be worn individually or in sync with smartphones. 

The growth of blockchain technologies is predicted in the coming year, although there remains a greater need to improve security provisions in such sectors. 

Performance, Risks and Security IssuesPerformance, Risks and Security Issues

New security trends will be required to prevent cybercrimes, especially preventing personal data loss. The new technologies based on AI and ML can help to detect fraud and other suspicious activities on the internet.  

Many applications vulnerable to cyber threats can expose confidential documents to the public. In addition, flawed apps can lead to loss of data and errors.

Many B2B users face disastrous functionality consequences due to security failures. In addition, mobile frauds have led to the development of ad frauds, with growing concerns about safety. 

It is important to improve the testing of crucial B2C and B2B apps, where the functionalities, usability, and security features could be widely tested. In addition, there is an increased demand for apps which can defend sensitive, confidential data.

Also, the users should be able to access data irrespective of demographics. Crowd testing to assess the performance and real-world scenarios can help to identify real-world usage situations. 

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