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Serverless computing, micro-services, bare metal strategies and risks 


Data, in general, is worthless unless it provides information. Data centres can process data collected by mobiles, laptops, and tablets and use AI to deliver useful information. In the last few years, data centres have been repurposed where handles workloads shifted to the public cloud.

The operators see the load of central servers is reducing, and companies are having better ten millisecond response time, where vendors are using Vapor IO and Schneider Electric at the Base stations and 5G to deliver fast services.

The new role of data centres is to use the different parts such as the servers, the cooling system, the network to connect it and the power system.

A new class of artificial intelligence has been introduced by companies like Concerto, where AI is used for optimising machines through continuous adjustment, and the cloud is growing where the providers want to enter the virtual desktop business. 

Serverless computingServerless Computing

Container micro-services are growing, which provides serverless computing where the apps can be monolithic (or smaller) in modules or containers and run serverless on the cloud or the premises. 

Some organisations are using such microservices and trying to benefit from the distribution, but there are many challenges where communication gets complex in the distributed system.

Where it is normal to get distribution failure, some sophisticated strategies may fail to work on distributed modules. Secondly, synchronicity can lead to timeouts where the systems wait for minutes, hours or even longer to perform a function. 

Bare Metal StrategiesBare metal strategies

Bare metal strategies refer to the servers, which can be traditional servers as it comes in a box like normal servers. However, it provides a configuration where the processor, storage, and memory are not shared with the users.

The traditional and bare metal servers can be integrated with the hosting services and bought in the best fit. 

The company's website can be hosted on the virtual private server or cloud, and the load can be transferred to the dedicated hardware during high traffic where virtual machines can be used. These work as nodes on a wide network like standalone servers. 

Since the company buys the hardware, it is not affected by uncontrolled external traffic and network slowdowns. The companies can rent CPUs storage and memory, and the performance can be unmatched, just like a dedicated server that can handle traffic,

Specifically, for the company, online gaming and other portals, but IBM and Oracle are some of the biggest enterprise software providers that would encourage the customers to use their datacentre instead of moving to the Saas provider.

Security and RisksSecurity and Risks

As per the IDC reports 2018-2019, Global IoT Decision-Maker Survey, there are many challenges at the application level, endpoint, and data level, which resist the complete utilisation of the benefits of the technology. 

In addition, there are many risks associated with security and data intelligence, which should be addressed to gain from these advanced technologies.  

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