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Online Digital Marketing and Brand Safety

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Online Digital Marketing and Brand Safety

Brand safety is the new challenge in digital marketing where brand value is vulnerable to placement of ad next to inappropriate content. Online marketers are worried of Martech – or the ad intermediaries that obstruct brand safety and want to have improved control over the way their ads are displayed online.  Some are preparing to launch in-house competitive strategies for avoiding such ads, instead, using more reliable alternative options such as social media to tell people about their products and services.  

A study conducted by Moore Stephans on 800 companies in North American, Asia Pacific and EU found a number of companies allocated a significant amount of budget towards research  towards SEO, SEM, content marketing, social media, email and other strategies. In Britain and North America, companies are spending 23 per cent towards Martech - 16 per cent more as compared to last year, where, 63 per cent is spent towards in-house programs.

There are many other factors involved in such strategies, where one may have to give the right offer at the right time to promote a brand. Ex-

  • It may involve identifying with products, demographics, techno graphics, and psychographics of the target buyers where the digital marketers may have to promote to client.
  • Content to tell all the attractive aspects of the offer.
  • Build a brand or persona.
  • Monitor the activities or response of the viewers.
  • Reach out to new social platforms to get better response.
  • Use upgraded social marketing tools, apps, software and techniques to deliver better.

How to find/ reach target audience?

It is important to establish connectivity with the right set of people to succeed in such projects. Efforts may not yield any results if the sellers are unable to reach the right people. Forbes Insight report find 43 per cent of the companies are spending more than 50 per cent of their budget towards specified targets where 84 per cent expects to gain through such investments in subsequent years. But identifying, reaching and selling to target are not easy.

  • Technology can be used to find out the type of content that is popular with the potential buyers. Celebrity sellers or tools can be used to promote social listening, to identify the preference or interest of the target. One can monitor audience analytics, which can help to determine the kind of content to display in future and it can be based on the kind of target audience.
  • This may involve a reach into race, ethnicity, profession, income, marital status etc. Identifying the challenges, creating the audience persona, identifying their lifestyle, conducts, needs, interests etc. Gathering and examining technology based information such as type of device used by the prospective customer, the frequency / visited websites and the social media habits.  The information related to device helps to target the right content and format.  
  • Use online platforms e.g. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which can get positive reviews and help to interact with real time buyers.  To adopt social media, one may have to follow the regulations RESPA rules.  

Digital marketing strategy encompasses all online assets, which can be used to create a brand to attract target buyers.  
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