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New regulations for Bots to stop the spread of fiction on Social Media 


In recent developments, several AI-based forgeries of crucial documents, audio recordings, videos, online identifications and other information developed through bots were produced that appeared exactly like the original ones but were automated and disastrous.  

Such documents appear so authentic that if it becomes publicly available, they can become dangerous. As per GSMA, the AI market is expected to reach $70 billion in a year, where robots will power enhanced automation systems.

Alexa, Siri, IBM Watson, and Bixby are some of the applications based on Narrow technology, not AGI technology. However, AGI can develop cognitive functions like humans, where it has the ability to work towards a goal like a human.

Some suspect such machines can go beyond human cogitation in the future, and there is a need to regulate the actions of bots online. 

The Growing Bot MarketsThe Growing Bot Markets

The leading web marketing strategies of 2019 and 2020 include AI and voice searches, where AI, which was believed to be principal in self-driving cars and robotics,  can increase the profitability of companies by 38 per cent by 2035, as it can be integrated into the applications, advertisements, mobile apps, and social media strategies.


These days 20 per cent of Google searches are conducted on voice, and websites require pages built on voice search optimisation. 


Automated Messages And Rules On Social MediaAutomated messages and rules on social media

Automated forgery is growing on social media, which was probably witnessed during the 2016 US elections, where 10 thousand accounts were linked to Russia a month before the elections.  

Such social media strategies are causing the spread of fake news. For example, Oren Etzioni of the Allen Institute for AI - claimed messages from Russia-backed bots reached over 50 per cent of the US voters from January 2015 to August 2017. 

Experts are forwarding requests for implementing regulations where messages spread by machines should clearly tell that it is not a human message. Furthermore, a corresponding law should be introduced to limit the range of such messages on social media. 

Impact on Social MediaImpact on Social Media

Technologies have improved dramatically where humans can communicate with each other and get information through various sources, but it is difficult to identify the real ones from the fake. 

In the current times, people are not getting accountable and regulated information.The trend on social media involves influencer marketing, where 94 per cent of the marketers use such tactics to increase conversions. 

Statistics suggest such user-generated content can increase conversion by 4.5 per cent.

Such strategies can be used to promote products and brand visibility and increase traffic for lead generation

Prospect survey data show that young workers are optimistic about innovative technologies. Still, the older generation wants companies to use such technologies after carefully examining the pitfalls, conducting discussions on ethics, and the impact on society. 

The political and economic sectors will have to change to meet the transformational technological state.   

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