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Network Security needs in 5G technology


In the last decade, the world used networking to gain widespread connectivity, where accessibility to remote data increased. But, simultaneously, the threat to private data is amplified. The need for network security was identified in the late 80s when the experts found an urgent need to control crucial communication.

The first attack was made by the Morris worm program, which was capable of replicating itself, expanding to multiple computers and remaining active on the computers it attacked. The worm damaged thousands of machines and resulted in a loss of data. In addition, such attacks revealed many loopholes in network security. 

The need for secure solutions for Healthcare BusinessThe Need For Secure Solutions For Healthcare Business

Cybersecurity remains the key concern of most technology companies. Some UK firms are looking for a possibility of implementing 5G networks in healthcare and IoTs.

Digital transformation in healthcare can be attained by implementing the 5G network systems, which can help people coming from distant remote areas to get alert messages, and immediate medical care in case of crisis; nevertheless, such systems need a combination of networks, and in many cases of security breaches have been reported in the past in the field of healthcare. 

Such breaches can compromise privacy where patients' personal data can be accessed and exploited.

The company Pangea is experimenting with developing a system of video streaming where the doctors can examine patients and decide on treatment, in case of urgency, before the arrival of the patient to the hospitals.  

Security In 5G SystemsSecurity in 5G systems

The latest study by Keysight Technologies and Dimensional Research on 338 IT professionals surveyed globally found that 84 per cent of the companies grew on the cloud in the last year and 61 per cent of the professionals were concerned over the secure transmission of cloud traffic at on-premises monitoring solutions. 

Companies provide access to employees to upload and forward crucial data across unprotected networks, which can lead to a loss. Since more and more employees are working on mobile phones, protecting data on mobile is necessary.

Using such devices across wireless networks is difficult to monitor, but only monitored access on the organisation's network should be provided to reduce risks.

Managing Network SecurityManaging Network Security

Many levels of security are required by enterprises, which are handled by application security, antivirus, adware, anti worms, spyware, and nagware. 

At the same time, many virus types can enter a network. Behavioural analytics can provide information to detect patterns in the network, where unauthentic elements could be detected.


Data loss prevention technology is needed for securing sensitive data communication over networks. End-point security can restrict access to remote devices. 

Firewalls can be implemented for incoming and outgoing data. However, it creates barriers which can separate unprotected networks from protected.

Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention systems (IPS) can be applied to detect vulnerabilities. IDS is used for monitoring, and IPS controls the network packets to scan traffic and respond accordingly. In addition, it helps in setting up independent security management. 

Encryption, SEIM, and SEM can be used to accumulate information to identify risks and respond. 

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