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There are many reasons for the decline in traffic to your website as the buyer's habits are changing and they are buying products on a smartphone, or fewer users search for the keywords related to your pages.  

There can be many issues responsible for low traffic where even some of the most popular sites may get a decline in traffic if the site runs out of resources and shows 404 Page Not Found, if the server stops the pages, or if the web host is protecting the server by stopping the traffic. There can be numerous other reasons.

Google has been rewarding websites with mobile-compatible designs, and such sites can handle any number of the increase in crawl rate. 

Modern consumers are using multiple devices with striking features. The disruption in traffic in certain websites can be seen when the search interferes with the local searches. Studies show if the user once is unable to download the page or is not able to fill the forms or use the features of the site, they may not return to the site in the future.

Studies find that poor mobile experience can lead to a loss of 53% of visitors. The change in page rank can be seen due to the new searches conducted on mobile phones, while the SEO strategies of the site exclusively target higher ranks on desktops. 

Last year more than 50 per cent of the web traffic came from smartphones. As a result, most websites that have not optimised their sites for mobile-first indexing may fail to get a higher Page Rank. 

Therefore, websites must understand that they should modify their site design to regain the lost traffic, as Google supports the mobile-first indexing feature.  

The common reasons for the websites to be down on mobiles are that the site is not mobile responsive or slow to load. Therefore, it is necessary to optimise the clickable elements and forms. 

To make the  website responsive,  the designs, layouts and element sizes should be changed to suit the display screen size, or one can create another website, specifically for smartphone users. 

Designs PHP-based desktop and mobile optimized websitesMont Digital Designs PHP-Based Desktop/Mobile Optimised Websites

These days the biggest mistake brands make is creating layouts and content only for desktops and ignoring the specific needs of smaller screen resolutions. We at Mont Digital aim to deliver a consistent experience through responsive websites coded in the most suitable programming languages (AMP, RWD, and PWA) to create mobile-indexed sites with fast loading times.

Our team of expert programmers can provide websites in PHP /JavaScript and integrate compatible latest SEO features to help the site deliver the best to its customers. In addition, we design pages in a format which can be easily acknowledged and indexed by Google. 

To get responsive websites in the preferred programming language (like PHP/JavaScript / AMP or other code languages), contact Mont Digital on or email info (@)

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