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MilesWeb WordPress Hosting for Your WordPress Site


Do you have a WordPress website but don't use WordPress hosting solutions? Well, this article is for you!

Every day, millions of people use the internet. And millions of people use WordPress to bring their businesses online. However, only some people are aware of the WordPress-specific product powered by MilesWeb

Your WordPress website may be running well on shared hosting, but WordPress hosting will provide efficiency. It will reduce the time and simplify the tasks for you. It offers features that speed up the website and improve its performance. 

You will pay the same cost as shared hosting. WordPress hosting is not expensive. It is like shared hosting only, but it is an exclusive product for WordPress based sites. So if you are hosting your site on shared hosting, I would suggest you switch to WordPress hosting for better output. 

In case you are just getting started with a new WordPress website, try opting for WordPress hosting only. New websites have fewer requirements, which is why shared/WordPress hosting works best. As your website is on WordPress, its exclusive hosting will help you create a digital presence and attract traffic. 

Initially, websites need a boost so that they can reach the potential traffic/audience. As it starts growing and gets better, users generally switch to better hosting. But in the beginning, shared/WordPress hosting is perfect.

WordPress hosting has many advantages. The only reason it offers more efficiency is that it is WordPress based product. It is specially created for WordPress users, so their work gets simpler. So if your site is also a WordPress site, why not take advantage of WordPress hosting?

How does WordPress Hosting Works?

You will get a hosting account where you will share server space and resources with many more users. Since you are in a shared environment, the cost reduces and divides among all users. That is why WordPress hosting is economical. It perfectly fits every user's budget. 

Which is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

There are endless web hosting companies out there. However, I find MilesWeb as the best hosting provider. They are one of the industry's most renowned hosting companies. They provide low-cost WordPress hosting plans that are of the top class. Further, they offer several free features and tools to assist their users in running a successful website. 

MilesWeb has been a hosting provider for nine years. Over time they have established a whole successful firm with active 38,000 plus clients. Their contribution to the hosting industry has won them many awards, which is why I strongly recommend you MilesWeb.

Their plans are cost-effective. They don't only offer low-cost WordPress plans but all web hosting services at a reasonable rate. With MilesWeb, you will gain a lot of success and visibility.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Plans

MilesWeb provides managed WordPress hosting services. All of their plans offer efficiency and meet individual websites' needs. 

There are three plans you can get under WordPress hosting. They are all very reasonable. If you have a personal blog or simple website, a Solo plan would be perfect for you. You will pay only Rs. 60/m after the 70% off. 

MilesWeb provides constant discounts on its web hosting services. As a new user, you can get an additional 10% as well. However, you must purchase any package under WordPress hosting for at least three years. 

There are two other plans named Prime and Multi. These are perfect for small-medium sized business websites. In fact, you can host unlimited websites with Multi WordPress hosting plan. It will cost you Rs. 255/m after the 70% discount.

For instance, if you have an agency, you can let your clients rent a space on your server. It will work as a side income source for you. 

MilesWeb also offers tons of amazing benefits with its web hosting services. With WordPress hosting also you will receive amazing features. 


Automatic Updates - You don't need to worry about any updates. The software will take care of the updates and automatically upgrade your WordPress to its latest version. 

Free Domain - MilesWeb gives one free .com domain with its Prime and Multi plan for the first year. If you purchase the plan for at least one year, you can get the offer. 

Free SSL Certificate - Data protection is an essential task. Visitors leave their personal information on your website and expect it to be safe. With a free SSL, you can offer a safe browsing experience. 

30 Days Money Back - MilesWeb will provide you with a full refund if you don't like their services. You only need to contact their support team, and they will help you with it. 

24/7 Support - As MilesWeb provides managed WordPress hosting, you get complete 24/7 human support. You can reach out to them anytime you want, and they will take care of your queries. 



WordPress hosting is a WordPress platform based product. It offers better efficiency and a speedy website. That means your tasks will get a lot easy here. Plus, with MilesWeb WordPress plans, you can enjoy great benefits and features. They offer value for money.

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