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Live Video Streaming based Marketing Strategy 


Online marketing has been affected by the change in how people see social media sites like Facebook and email marketing strategies. Facebook provides a way to reach buyers where companies can share engaging content, newsfeed, and other details; however, many companies cannot keep up with the follower count and need to diversify or integrate improved strategies to hold visitors. 

Video streaming is a popular entertainment method involving a proper strategy and predefined stages. It is made exclusively as a part of a marketing campaign to target a specific saleable product or idea. Video streaming is vital for companies as people prefer watching videos to reading text.

The brain processes videos faster than written text and is supported by the growth in popularity of streaming services and video-sharing platforms. In the current era, Netflix and YouTube are responsible for over 25 per cent of the global network traffic.

A report by Sandvine finds YouTube accounts for 38 per cent of the global mobile traffic, but such video sharing lacks security and control. As a result, these are not posted online in a manner where they can be used in a controlled manner for business promotion.

Microsoft recently launched the tool Microsoft Stream to extend the functionality of videos where one can participate in polls, online surveys and quizzes. The tool works with Azure Active Directory, which can handle the Microsoft environment's authentication and identity management aspects. 

Live StreamingLive Streaming

It provides innovative and high-tech ways to market products where the firm can use expertise and develop brands to engage and interact with the customer. In areas like political or corporate events, the firm can stream the event to allow people to see the whole process and get a better view of the company's business.

It is the method where one finds the content more reliable. 

The firm can determine the important aspects covered in such streams as it tries to deliver authentic videos where surprises can boost followers. 

Initially, when live streaming was introduced, it was unclear how the firms would use it. Mostly the features were restricted to watching events held at a distant location. The option resembles TV reality shows where the visitors are watching activities at the same time as it is happening.

Such activities can be broadcasted, and their value increases on social media when people start posting related resources. Firms can use such options to capture the audience and keep them entertained. 

Websites can post live feeds and links to events that will be held in the future or tell more about the production unit or management. Such recordings may involve a random interview with a previous customer or a company employee. There are multiple ways such options can be integrated into marketing strategies. 

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