Latest Technological Developments in Firewall


Global organisations are harnessing new ways to transform security, to prevent dangerous internet-based communication, transactions, theft of data, and virus attacks. Some advocate firewalls act as a service, but the lack of skills can be treacherous as threats go hand-in-hand with new developments.

About 80 percent of US companies make use of future methods that are deployed at their premises as well as on the cloud. On the cloud, most new technologies are based on the area to protect, where the systems need to define the perimeter.

Hardware protection techniques involve smaller devices/ methods, which the user can purchase at a smaller scale. Still, a software-based configuration can be difficult for organisations to achieve.

A software firewall can scan the external files to handle virus intrusion through emails before downloading them to the machine. Each company needs to design a security infrastructure that can evaluate the risk factors in the environment and secure the most critical assets.  

Most hardware-based firewall is built-in and does not need a configuration that can block malicious content and uses statistical info, signature-based, and protocol analysis to block IP.

The hardware on the office network provides external safety, which can protect the network's workstations and servers from intrusion. This can protect the printer, equipment, telephones, and other devices.

Firewall security controls are based on a set of rules that can prevent a network data packet entry into the program. Still, most organisations fail to identify the basic infrastructure for security.

types of firewallsThere are various types of firewalls

  • The packet filtering method eliminates programs (apps/messages) which do not follow the predefined rules. The method is transparent but can be targeted by IP spoofing.  

  • Proxy firewall devices can set a gateway to restricted networks. The proxy server can be configured to allow only the defined files that access the network, and stateful inspection examines the state, protocol, and port.  

  • A firewall can be installed at the TCP / IP or UDP connection, where the packets can flow without further authorisation.   In addition, administrator-based rules can be set for filtering messages on the network.

  • Threat-focused firewalls can be implemented to decrease the time of detection and cleaning of the devices. Such methods reduce complexity as it quickly reacts to risks.  Some offer, e.g. multiple protocol label switching WAN connectivity which is beneficial compared to MPLS.

  • Most complex types of firewalls involve a combination of technologies known as - UTM - unified threat management.  The future securities will be based on less expensive versions of firewalls which could provide various features such as intrusion prevention, where the system checks the packet signatures and uses technology to identify threats.

  • Deep packet inspection will be able to examine the headers of packets and block as it moves through the inspection point.

New mobile features where progressive technology-based workers use mobiles for every work-related action, different types of devices, multi-path WAN technologies, multi-level cloud-based systems, and various other complex digital transformations require simple security solutions. As a result, some companies are offering integrated security solutions based on new technologies.

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