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Interactive Website Designs Supported by Self Service Features 


Surveys find more than 50 per cent of online buyers abandon a shopping cart if they cannot get immediate answers to questions related to their purchases. Unfortunately, touchtone dials, interactive voice response, and other technological changes have not improved customer response.

The latest reports by Gartner claim that by 2022, the phone conversion with the customer care representative will constitute only 12 per cent of all the service interactions, which will be 41 per cent lower than in 2017. 

As a result, self-service is becoming the first choice, where customers across all industries want to get automatic and instant answers to their queries without contacting a live representative. 

Simplifying Customer Service using Self ServiceSimplifying Customer Service using Self Service

Earlier phone and email messages were delivered to promote a product, but now these methods take longer to get a positive response. Reliability and consistency have significantly declined in these areas. 

The new rule involves ways to convince the customer through better engagement where the customer should get speedy and truthful answers to their queries.

  • Amazon, Uber, and various other websites have proved the new customer engagement methods are simpler, faster, and without complications.

  • Some of the trends gained in 2018 will continue to grow in 2019 in website designing, such as the usage; of VR, voice, typography, colour selection, and new UX patterns. 

  • The year is expected to get significant investment in AI and machine learning, where customer service will be the top priority of the websites.

  • Research claims that at least 50 per cent of the companies will have AI integrated into their sites and apps to improve such services.

  • The use of chatbots, virtual assistants, and conversational UIs will increase. In addition, intelligent searches, recommendations, automated categorisation, and speedy data research based on the client's requirement will be able to promote communication. 

  • Many new websites offer interactive designs where the APIs can be used for game development, creating interactive animations, test codes, etc. IVR interactive voice response system can be used to handle calls.

The projects such as Asterisk and FreePBX provide open source ways to allow companies to put Private Branch Exchange on the networks. 
Asterisk allows transforming a computer into a Private Branch Exchange. 

It involves the interpretation of IVR messages where the user needs to enter the right combination of code at the receiving end to get the message. 

The Interactive Design Trends in 2019The Interactive Design Trends in 2019

Designers need to connect with the viewers where the layout, story, and images can be used to get desired reactions. Animations can be used but should be backed by engaging content, an interesting story to convey, and great depth in understanding users' needs. 

Also, it should be supported by attractive design, fonts, and colours. 

The designs should be supported by voice commands and prototyping of the voice interface with comparable actions and keywords to promote the desired response to queries. 

Virtual reality, a three-dimensional structure, and a flat interface with visually interesting designs could provide a 3D realistic effect. Suitability to different platforms, screens and devices is another imperative aspect. 

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