Mont Digital Innovative strategies in e-commerce in 2019

Innovative Strategies in E-commerce in 2019


Many companies are collecting data and conducting surveys to identify successful and non-successful strategies in e-commerce. Big Data – provides statistics that help the sellers to identify the shopping behaviour, requirements, trends, and selling points. 2018 was a year where global sales grew to $2.8 trillion as per the records of Statista.

This data is expected to grow to $3.5 trillion in 2019. Such information also provides insight into improving customer service, security, and the brand's presence on different devices. 

Responsive websitesResponsive Websites

Now a day's, buyers are getting a satisfactory response to their queries, and many issues are resolved faster. Reliability and trust can be created by providing proactive responses and getting feedback where the customers are asked about their experience. 

It helps in shaping future business strategies. Companies can examine both criticisms and praises to resolve weaknesses. 

Buyers find some new e-commerce features convenient as it provides customers with easy purchasing journeys where transactions are clear and secure. 

The new websites are more responsive and give immediate answers to emails, phones, and website to customer queries. The way the queries are answered professionally and promptly helps buyers make a quick decision. 

Personalised Browsing ExperiencePersonalized browsing experience

  • Ecommerce websites are developing strategies using pioneering technologies to provide a real-life shopping experience.

  • Some firms offer a personalised experience where the user's browsing behaviour and preferences are identified, and buyers are directed towards relevant products.

  • Such features can be found on websites like Amazon – which provide a list of similar products or normally bought along with the product searched by the user. 

Voice-Controlled Purchasing Suggestions

It is significant for companies to identify innovative trends to provide services/products on demand. Voice commerce is the strategy where the consumers get voice-controlled purchasing suggestions, and the instructions by such systems can provide other related information.

Such systems monitor the order status and reply in a voice as if talking to customer service agents. As a result, the transaction through voice is expected to grow and generate sales worth over $40 billion by 2022. 

Subscriptions and Inviting Personalised SuggestionsSubscriptions and inviting personalized suggestion

Many brands offer subscriptions to develop long-term relationships with the buyer, where the companies offer protection against price changes, related services, and discount offers. 

Democratisation is the next step where the brands, which are shared, promoted, or sold to peers, can provide a personalised experience. 

Such brands give inviting suggestions on products that can create a deeper connection and trust with the users. Some new brands are advertising through tagged posts to promote it. 

With the new features of connected commerce, where data source analysis and vivid marketing strategies are becoming a key target for global brands, more consumers are using multiple channels for shopping. 

As a result, the shoppers are getting merchandise across various devices, and the brands are trying to cover all the touchpoints for higher ROI. 

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