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How To Start Up An eBay Business?


E bay provides one of the most successful business start-up ideas, where the online auction platform gives scope to buy and sell, used and new products. It can be used by companies to sell products or people can eliminate the clutters from their house by selling items that are no more in use. The site is free for buyers but the seller has to pay a fee. It provides an easy way to set up an online store, exempt from operating as a normal shop, in the way, that you do not need to pay monthly rent and there is an exemption on several legal terms needed to start a normal business. There is an insertion fee per item and a final sale fee. 

More than 700,000 people earn through part-time or full time working from home selling items on eBay where they generate income and help in increasing the number of buyers to the site. The merchandise on the site is selling at the rate of over $85000 a minute and in addition to entrepreneurs, many businesses are using the site to plan projects and earn. Some business owners are realizing that such channels can dramatically increase revenues and get new buyers fast. Most sellers start working from home as a buyer who learns to sell and then they fulfill their targets of selling by putting items on sale from their house and others making money through it. 

If such business is started in partnership, the terms should be made clear from the start for conditions, if the partner decides to back out because eBay states in the user agreement that one cannot transfer the account and user ID to others without the content of the website. 

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How to sell products on eBay?

  • First understand the terms, fees and all the policies of working from home and identify the payment terms.

  • Create your accounts like business or personal accounts depending on the volume of items. The sellers need to pick the products which can be posted online or buy products from the site for their new office.

  • To start the process of sale the shipping cost and other costs like storage should be considered. Each item requires different shipping and storage costs like a pen drive may require a small box and a table takes a lot of storage space. Fragile items can suffer from damage if the extra cost is not given for packaging the delicate items to prevent breakage.

  • There are restrictions on the type of items you are selling. The items which are in high demand in the market may get immediately buyers. The seller should know how to describe and promote their product and how to list it, in which category etc. Some items are easy to store and sell like game consoles, mobile phones, laptops, speakers, etc. But the seller should be aware of the issues in such sales, especially, for the second-hand items which can get complaints from buyers like faulty monitors, keyboards and hard drives.

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