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How to plan a digital marketing campaign


All the digital marketing campaigns involve a series of technology-dependent strategies like SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media, content marketing, online ads etc. Billions of dollars are spent by companies on several media and ad channels but it has been observed hat predetermined digital marketing strategies for new and established products can help to deliver better. Some strategies involve methodologies to statistically examine and readjust plans to meet the most recent demand of the market. Planning for risks and changes helps in reducing the cost and time of modifications and implementation of change in plan. Even smaller companies with a little money can adopt these mechanisms to deliver better.  

How to start a digital marketing campaign

How to start a digital marketing campaign?

At the start, we need to determine the type of customer we are targeting. The best suitable plan and idea of implementation should be applied. A method should be determined to scrutinize the reasons for the previous failures to get a clear idea of the marketing objectives of the strategies. 

The SEO and marketing strategies of the competitors should be studied to find factors which could be useful in promoting products. Finally, the budget and time duration and deadlines should be envisaged.   

Mobile friendly

Mobile-friendly designs

The key digital marketing strategy is to design a user-friendly mobile-friendly website. It provides the user to know about the company, its services, geographical locations, costs and other associated information without directly contacting the customer care executive. These days people first access the website on their Smartphones and they may either immediately contact the seller or the company if it looks interesting, otherwise, leave the page in seconds to search for an alternative site for the same keywords.   Digital marketing should target mobile customers as these are the people responsible for most eCommerce sales. The page should be made adaptable to smaller screen resolutions. Some websites have a mobile version which is fast downloading page based on AMP technologies. There are various other alternative methods adopted by the firms to draw users accessing on smaller screens. A fast simple and clean landing page and properly designed navigation for the smaller screens can prevent users from moving out of the site.

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Social marketing

Social marketing

Social media marketing is continuously gaining, although, critics say the reliability of such strategies has declined but users continue to grow on the social media sites and these users are every day accessing their accounts and posting information. The marketing companies should try to set up weekly and monthly goals to acquire followers, likes and other links to the social sites.  The sellers should be able to comprehend the language of the customer and be able to deliver the message of the company in the same language as desired by the users.   

Hire a professional SEO services company that can optimize the site and promote brand recognition. It has been observed that 74 per cent of the consumers use search engines to look for work-related information and 80 to 90 per cent of the buyers' research online reviews to buy a brought. 

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