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How to Design Digital Strategies?


As per the article published in McKinsey Quarterly in 2018, the digital strategy of most companies does not reflect their changing fundamentals, industry dynamics and ways to compete. 

The new age of 5G smartphones and improved processing provides options to deliver better, faster strategies. However, only a few companies can find out what it means to use such technologies.

Lacking a definition and misunderstanding the economies (or the economic profit distribution) where the power curves are getting steeper in the last ten years towards negative digital revenue growth show many firms are unable to make such strategies because they cannot just walk away from existing business patterns. 

Moreover, some are worried about the threats posed by the digital natives.

IT consultancy firm Infosys recently revealed Digital Radar 2019, which states that companies need to promote multiple digital initiatives at one time to succeed. The research claims some of the progressive groups of companies run many initiatives compared to explorers or watchers.

It found the key barrier to achieving transformation in this sector in 2019 include – a legacy system (41 per cent), insufficient funds (30 per cent) and the inability to experiment quickly (22 per cent).

In the last few years, consumers have shifted the way consumers buy goods. As a result, companies need a digital strategy to find out the areas where they are faltering and the areas where the website cannot provide appropriate solutions.

Using tools for streaming processesUsing Tools For Streaming Processes

  • Studies claim 80 per cent of the sales are drawn in by online activities such as live streaming, social channels, experimental marketing and other platforms.

  • Digitisation provides a number of successful ways to run a business and sell products, and there are limitless opportunities, but some areas, e.g. publishing and social media, are becoming oversaturated.  

  • However, social media tools can simplify the streaming processes and establish consistent patterns, which can help to deliver clear messages.

  • They also provide social profits and other significant data to the seller.


Consumers are looking for tailored solutions where the number of buyers placing an order through mobile phones continues to increase with the growth in the number of smartphone users.

Personalised consumer-centric approaches are needed where the messages conveyed by the websites should be simple and accurate. The sites should be able to depict content and features unmistakably on different operating systems and devices.

Targeting MillennialTargeting millennial

  • Sellers need to identify and converse with the new breed of buyers to create long-term relationships in this automated world.

  • These days millennials constitute more than one-third of the customers.

  • Research by UBS Group AG on luxury spending found that 18 to 35 years old constituted 85 per cent of growth in this sector globally, and this group will be responsible for 45 per cent of high-end spending by 2025.

Brand managementBrand Management

Technological innovators must create strategies to manage the brand DNA through the touchpoints to create a cohesive system where a fast-paced retail landscape requires progressive business models. 

Instead of covering all the touchpoints, which may contain several irrelevant social platforms, one should try to remain consistent and goal-oriented. Gather information to find out more about customer response.

The use of innovative methods can promote profitability and brand differentiation. For example, artificial intelligence provides a mechanism to anticipate customers' needs and create a bespoke experience where customer habits, desires and other aspects can be sustained. 

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