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Hosting Management

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Hosting Management

Hosting management involves delivering fundamental provisions and professional features to be able to host a website without restrictions. The provider offers administration support to handle the website. It is no longer the self-managed where the owner gets the access to login credentials and learns the ways to handle the control panels or configure the settings.  It is different from site maintenance. Website maintenance includes website design, features, updates and day-to-day security checks. In website maintenance, the provider needs to update the content and provide customer support to the viewers, whereas, the main function of hosting management is to maintain the server and implement the plan appropriately. It can involve a number of websites, online apps and the buyer can get add-on services or packages, which ranges from basic services to advance.

The hosting manager takes care of the security, monitors the website, updates the files, provides technical support / configuration, software support, climate control data centres, tech support; back up of customer data and 24X7 user supports.  The server’s control panel provides DNA management, DBMS control, backups, server account management, mailing, log file access reporting, etc.

Selecting features

Before selecting a managed solution, the company can select the platform or the OS. Flexibility of operation allows the user to access the website anytime and be able to get the latest versions. Dedicated server is needed where the provider offers flexibility in selecting operating system to launch the website. The bandwidth and storage should be selected depending on the future space needs. A dedicated server can ensure competence and the hosting manager could upgrade the features of the server anytime to suit the changing business structure.

Some offer shared hosting, that is a cost effective method to launch a site, using shared resources.  To reduce costs, customer can rent devices or storage space, hardware or software or the operating system. The owner gets administrative access to the system set ups or configuration.

Cloud offers data storage for accessibility, and hybrid environment can ensure ease of use, where the applications can move data without reconfiguration.

Security is very important feature and the management of security features is needed to prevent hacking and virus attack.  There are provisions at the data centre to maintain security (of customer data / information).

The server should be scalable, i.e. it should be able to handle the traffic of varying sizes and scopes from varying global locations. The server settings should enable fast transactions on the website.  

One can get customized services from the site operators or hosting company to access sophisticated and modernized internet solutions to run solutions on requirements. It can be offered as budget solutions where professional features and basic requirements are integrated at the desired prices.  

In short - Hosting management solutions offers back up or disaster recovery, load balancing, internet-based security [which include regular scans, detection of malware/virus/ intrusions and prevention or mitigation of risks], physical security [which involves safeguarding the data centres], application support, server configuration (also monitoring/maintenance) and support for technical issues.

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