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Digital marketing: Paying for customer acquisition


Pay per click or Google Adwords can help a firm to get new customers. It can be used to launch products and get a higher ROI. The ins and outs of starting the business online can be figured out using a strategy that shows how to establish a new idea and generate income.

Companies adopt many different methodologies to succeed in it. The advertisement comes with the tag ads on the Google search results and may have a map link where the location of the business can be seen.

Such searches allow the company to target certain geographical regions for marketing. The buyers of specific locations will get the ad links on the top, followed by general organic searches. The method provides the statistics of potential customers; it may take a week or more to get the ROI for new buyers. 

This is one of the strongest tactics used to get buyers, where it provides personalised advertising to target each user individually. 

The marketers can control the display of ads, and the website owner can re-engage customers and remind the visitors of their interests or follow them to make a purchase. 

digital marketingIt provides relevant data, which can be used to analyse the users' browsing habits. 

Some advanced Google analytics can remind the users of the products they have added to the shopping cart but were not bought, or one can get a notification of the list of similar competitive products. 

The website can analyse the time spent by the user on each page or product to find the most popular and appropriate ads. It can allow companies to create lists of pages that attract new buyers. 

The remarketing strategies can be used to reach buyers through YouTube channels. Google provides statistics to know the people who have visited the channels or searched for the videos. 

Machine learning and AI provide potential customers with information to match the feed or customer requirements. The search engine Bing offers paid searches where the sellers can serve ads to the desired audience and exclude the ads for a specified set of viewers. 

The CTR rate can be identified, which helps to tell how the visitors visit the ads or what time they spend on the content displayed on the website. 

It depicts the real rate of how the visitors come to the site or the actual click rate. The rate is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions. 

In Q4 2018, the average CTR was 0.41 per cent of the Google ads, and in Q4, the average CTR in the Facebook newsfeed was 1.46 per cent; although the rate dropped from the previous year's 2.4 per cent, it was still better. 

Overall, PPC provides quick methods to see the outcome of the marketing effort, whereas companies without such strategies may take months to get viewers, while PPC can get instant visitors.   

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