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Comparing SEO, SEM and PPC


Technological advancements have made it easier for companies to adopt multiple strategies for B2B advertising, where the strategies are undergoing rapid advancements with newer options and platforms available.

A combination of SEO, SEM, and PPC can be used to get higher results. SEM is based on user behaviour and can be used to optimise the pages. Where if the pages are designed in an SEO-friendly manner, it increases the probability of getting relevant buyers.  

A 2016 survey found that more than 53 per cent of online users seek a local business at least once a month where they may adopt SEO or PPC or a combination of the two to reach the desired pages. PPC is an online advertisement where the company pays a fee for each click; in many cases, the clicks do not result in a sale. The cost per click depends on keywords, or it can be a fixed-rate promotion.

SEMMany such advertisements are listed on the top of Google searches with a link or mark that tells it is sponsored link or an ad. It provides recognition online, gets users fast, and is less complex to set up than SEO.

First-page search traffic can be gained quickly, but the traffic disappears once the ad budget runs out. Some ad platforms are complicated where the cost per click can be very high - up to $100 a click for competitive keywords like the legal terms. A customer can enter the pages through clicks, put an order and depart without buying. 

SEO is better than PPC in many ways as it provides a long-term benefit. It helps to get organic traffic where the companies can use keywords to bring up the business on customer searches. 

It helps to promote brand awareness and gets trusted customers who may, ultimately, buy the products or services offered by the firm.

  • It has higher credibility than paid commercials, where users skip paid ads to get organic results, as it offers a range of alternatives from which the customers can search for the most suitable items to buy.  

  • Some of the mainstream ad platforms provide marketers with the exact audience.

  • It offers a low-cost option to promote business in comparison to PPC.

  • The key challenges in the sector are to meet the latest Google updates made by the engine to offer superior search results to the visitors, as the pages should include the code and language that Google can identify.

  • Some features can help applications like Maps to get new customers.

The traffic coming to the site is sustained for a long; sometimes, the website repeatedly gets new buyers. So it helps to generate valid customers, but the competition is very high in this sector, where changes in the algorithm by Google can lead to a decline in page rank, and it mostly involves costs in hiring SEO executives.  

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