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Choosing the Right Web Host For 2019


The Internet population is growing across the world where, according to the Chinese government, 802 million people are actively using the internet, which constitutes 57.7 per cent of the total population. On the other hand, there are 300 million net users in the US.

The data published by the Chinese government state that the country has over 788 million users accessing the internet through mobile phones. Other statistics show that users will account for 54 per cent of online sales by 2021, and 30 per cent will stop interacting if the website layout is obscure.

In America, Facebook advertisement revenue will surpass print ad spending in the year, and content marketing is expected to get three times more leads than paid searches (DesignRush report). 

The Growing need for a Secure Web HostingThe Growing Need for a Secure Web Hosting

Email continues to get higher ROI, up to 122 per cent and is one of the most cost-effective marketing methods. However, security breaches and personal data hacks are increasing. For example, the individual under the name Gnosticplayers was selling 620 million user records obtained from 16 companies and has put up a second batch of hacked data of 127 million users from 8 organisations. 

With the growth in the number of users, the activities of the dark web marketplace are also expanding, including the sale of illegal merchandise, user data, malware, and others. This increases the need to have secure web hosting.

  • The Australian Cyber Security Centre investigation found that hackers compromised at least eight web hosting providers from the country.

  • The reports from ACSC Operation Manic Menagerie suggested the criminals had been compromising the host servers since Nov 2017, and the main motive behind such attacks was financial gains.

  • The websites running on such servers were reconstructed for SEO and advertisements, and the websites included cryptocurrency mining sites with limited income. The statistics of the transactions found the attackers had Monero miners.

  • With the increase in ransomware attacks, getting a secure, reliable web hosting service that can offer website management services to small organisations is necessary.

  • A shared web hosting service can be chosen by a startup based on inclusive growth for all - based on the cloud.

Any organisation or website, even made on technically advanced designs, can suffer security issues if not hosted on a secured, reliable, efficient host.

The fast growth of organisations leads to complex data storage where centralised servers can become expensive and difficult to handle. Several websites require applications on the cloud, where shared hosts, dedicated servers, or VPS servers can be used for easy deployment and subsistence. 

Most startups require scalability, SEO compatibility, and reliable, sound websites. The advanced systems are powered by AI malware scanners that can automatically scan files for malware infections and eliminate infected quarantine files.

The hosting market is dominated by Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, InMotion, iPage and Hostgator. In addition, advanced self-learning malware cleaning systems are required to restore modified files. 

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