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AMP loads 2 times faster through Google cache


AMP pages are loaded using Google cache and are served as a different version of the same document, where the clicks are hard to track because these are not present at the publishers' website.  This improves engagement with fast load times.

These are based on the HTML framework ideal to serve new articles and blog posts. AMP helps in fast page download and easy implementation. Over 900,000 domains of Google have already adopted it, and the number of new ones continues to grow.

Most of the companies find it useful because faster is always considered better, especially, on smartphones where it has a huge impact on the users' experience and on the conversion rate. 

Comparing PWA, AMP and RWD

Comparing PWA, AMP and RWD

PWA websites act like an app but it does not require a download.  PWAs can be accessed through the browser. It is based on JavaScript / CSS. It also provides instantaneous load speeds and helps to work offline. It offers universal access to various web browsers and devices.

The transition between web pages and navigation is quick, where the natives' interface is indexable, linkable and has features to push notifications, but it can be an expensive option and can be difficult to implement. It requires a professional web designer for implementation. On the contrary, AMP is easy to implement. 

Responsive web design RWD is the feature which applies the same code for desktops and mobiles, where the site adjusts to user choice of screen resolution.

It increases latency but the user experience is widely affected at times, AMP, on the other hand, relates, mainly, to the speed of loading pages, the links click which connects to another web page, where the key aspect is to quickly deliver the requested page to the user. It can save the time of download four times faster than RWD pages. 

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How companies can benefit from AMP integration

How companies can benefit from AMP integration?

  • AMP improves mobile shopping experience where the shopping carts, inventory, checkout and other aspects of e-commerce websites can be served at hyper speeds.

  • It helps in improving SEO, as the pages are optimized by Google on searches in comparison to the pages which are non-AMP, and it has a role in improving mobile search.

  • The consumer can soon move towards the sites as the number of web searches on mobile is increasing and the technology helps to deliver fast results.

  • It is integrated into pages and is simple to deploy and use. It does not require a complete revamp. Websites like Flipkart, Airbnb and eBay have already integrated it into their websites.

  • In general, websites are using a  combination of AMP and PWA to provide appropriate page structure, with fast loading time to increase sales through frictionless initial click response.

  • Overall, the sites with a combination of AMP and PWA features can dramatically improve the ROI, where the conversion rate can grow by 50 to 100 percent higher than the average of the industry.

We at Montdigital help in the integration of AMP/PWA technologies to your websites with features like near-instantaneous load time, multiple platform distributions and higher placement on Google smartphones and desktop searches.  

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