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AI for E-Commerce buyers seeking prompt reliable information 


The trends in retail e-commerce transform from one generation to another. Online retailers are intercepting the user preferences on App (Danube), where the latest trends in e-commerce grocery in Saudi Arabia hypermarket found both male and female users showed a higher preference for organic healthier foods, which included whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

Last year the store added new high-protein foods like quinoa, chia seeds, and others to provide healthier eating options. 

The use of AI, QR code detection and the increasing use of micro marketplaces help classify user preferences. In addition, it provides the sales team with free information, which can help increase focus on achieving a better customer experience.

The technology is expected to play a meaningful role in promoting a unique shopping experience in the future, in the area of follow-ups and personalisation.

Such automated systems can improve the capability of the websites and apps to handle several customer queries at once with more productivity and accuracy – where the information provided is backed by data; moreover, the high-priority calls can be segregated, and the replay can be sent quickly. This helps the team to deliver on time proactive and accountable solutions. 

Chatbots voice assistance and Google analyticsChatbots, Voice Assistance and Google Analytics

E-commerce websites are using AI chatbots where the programs can stimulate conversation like a customer care executive. The machines use user preferences and Natural Language processing data to evaluate the queries and reply as per the requirements.


The influencer marketing strategies and voice-assisted searches are growing where the voice will dominate 50 per cent of such sites as it can produce several results and process data faster to provide secure outcomes. 

One can put a complete sentence in a voice search instead of seeking just a few keywords. They can provide descriptions and specific features.

These days people are looking for analytical data where product development based on customer response can improve buyer satisfaction, loyalty, and returns. 

Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics can identify the products in demand. Social sites promote through word-of-mouth, which remains a guaranteed way to gain customers. 

A few online retail e-commerce websites offer customised solutions, providing gifts to customers on birthdays or anniversaries.

In the new age, social sites engagements are running in billions where 55 per cent of social app users in China directly buy products on these apps where AR / VR can tell how the set of eyewear or costume will look on your face, or one can check how the piece of furniture will look when kept in their living rooms. 

E-commerce websites are offering videos and demonstrations to inform about the offers. In addition, the D2C model creates a link between the manufacturer and the buyer, where the seller can chat with the buyer through digital channels.

The new packaging is eco-friendly, biodegradable and disposable. It is made from waste material and promotes the concept of ethical business.

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