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AI-Based Web Applications and the Security Risks


Technological advancement and ease of use force large, midsized and even small organisations to adopt innovative web designs to create brand awareness, reach newer audiences, and get cost-effective business engagement through target viewers.

An overall change in website design helps get higher ROI, improving global business presence.

Businesses need to adapt to modern technologies to reach new customers and meet the demand of ever-changing customer behaviour, preferences and requirements as internet penetration continues to grow by over 50 per cent a year and the number of customers is increasing online. 

Sites have undergone a radical sea change where the browsers show sites as documents and not just as pages. The sites act like content applications and provide an interactive platform to get a response - examples are Netflix and Spotify.

Businesses are spending on establishing and enhancing their presence through AI, which can provide analysis and data reports and manage user reviews to defeat rivals. Online retail needs positive and authentic customer reviews online to promote online image and credibility.

A study shows over 88 per cent of online buyers check the reviews of e-commerce sites before placing an order. Lower negative reviews make fewer chances of losing the customer, and AI can be used to analyse such online data. 

With the emergence of personalised shopping and advanced and analytical AI features, new guidelines were offered on 28 January by the Consultative Committee to protect the personal data of the buyers where the instructions on the protection of individual data stores to avoid the risk of personal data loss were given.  

Security in Web AppsSecurity in Web Apps

With the growth in the number of frauds, there is a greater need to improve the security assessment of websites where the code, applications and the network system should be tested for security. Threats, leveraged loopholes and vulnerabilities in apps can lead to breaches where the whole system can be shut-down, leading to a zero-day threat –the most dangerous attack.

Cyber attackers are using newer methods to extract remote data, and the global nature of online businesses raises the risk of exposing private information. Attacks can vary in magnitude, scale, and nature and can be started from anywhere worldwide, causing server crashes and downtimes and exposing business data vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability scanners can be used to test applications, and an HTTP proxy (Burp Suite) can be used for authenticated testing. Vulnerability scanners can check for SQL injection, file inclusions, and cross-site scripting. A custom policy is required depending on the application platform and specified requirements. 

Beyond vulnerability scans, login method and session manipulations should be ensured where the user name, password method, cookies and token mechanism can be examined.

User or web browser-specific errors should be removed, and application logic weakness, which allows users to adopt alternative ways to enter the business workflow and manipulate information, should be tested. 
Security testing is one of the most time-consuming aspects of web app design

The provider should ensure the system is protected from password policy exploitation, complexity enforcement, and intruder lockout issues to guarantee a safe user browsing experience. 

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