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Advantages and Security risks in the Hybrid Cloud


Data is a raw material for intelligent business strategies, where companies need precise, accurate and significant figures which can be used to capture the market promptly. This kind of data can help build smart cities, where AI models can process the statistics quickly, in a secure environment, and deliver requests. 

However, proper domain expertise, technology, convergence, deployment, and methodologies are required to promote intelligent business actions.

Online and in-store real-time data improves the shopping experience as smart systems can provide the shopper with choices to meet his capabilities. In addition, online AR / VR experience and same-day delivery can improve the user experience

Such AI-based systems can be applied in agriculture and manufacturing, where the costs can be cut, and productivity can be increased by streamlining the processes linked to supply chains, production, and delivery.

This can ensure just-in-time delivery to capture machine sensor data to drive lean production. In the last two years, all companies, regardless of size, have been implementing strategies using public cloud resources to attain solutions within their budgets.

The perimeter of the hybrid cloud remains unclear, as the data flows freely across enterprises, reinforcing the need for securing sensitive data. 

Risks in an Email ProviderRisks in an Email Provider

Recently, a McAfee report on cloud-based email providers showed some trends which apply to sensitive information, where it found that 21 per cent of data in the cloud is sensitive. Furthermore, the number of sensitive data has grown by 17 per cent in the last two years.


Threats have increased by 27.7 per cent since last year, and about 80 per cent of the companies face threats of compromised cloud accounts. The threats in Office 365 increased 63 per cent in the last two years. 


The report suggests email as one of the key end-user applications where users are unaware of how it can be hacked on different platforms and devices. In addition, there are not many security policies or authentications to restrict access. 

How Are Companies Preparing To Migrate To Newer Technologies?

A survey conducted on 400 IT decision makers found that 52 per cent of companies were preparing to use a fully hybrid environment. Fully hybrid systems protect critical data and can improve operational security. 

However, security issues could be seen in poor encryption, management, monitoring, identity, and access management.

There has been an increase in the need for data protection and security. In the hybrid data management system, the companies that have shifted their data to the hybrid cloud face issues such as limited traffic and poor effectiveness at peak load times. 

Dynamic Cloud and ThreatsDynamic Cloud and Threats

In the dynamic cloud, there can be threats in many forms, such as problems in patching devices, or attacks on a less secure app, that can increase risks, where the companies need to check the ways used by the network provider to secure it.

A strong lifecycle should be maintained, where obsolete files should be excluded. The unused past data can remain active and unmonitored, leading to vulnerabilities and exploitation. 

A clear agreement on migration and lock-ins should be maintained. 

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