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9 Main SaaS Softwares To Be Using When Building A Website


Owning a website can be very profitable for you and good for your business. If done right, it can widen your reach, bring more people toward your offering, and create a big return on your investments. However, to get to the point where your website is more of a benefit and less of an expense or a time-consuming project, you need to handle tons of things. 

A new website equals juggling a bunch of things all at once. It’s not just about the design or the frequency of posting content. You need to have many things under control starting from the site’s security to its quality to its loading speed to its SEO performance

Whilst this can be exhausting and challenging at times, some tools make it simpler than you could imagine. With the right combination of SaaS software solutions, website creation and management can be simple and more effective. 

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in this article -

Which are the top SaaS solutions for your new website these days


1- Maze for testing and collecting product feedback 

Whenever you are ready to launch a new product on the website, you will need Maze. You’ll also need it to test your users and see how your site, products, and services perform. This particular SaaS solution has amazing uses for businesses, starting with facilitating the product feedback process to implementing user testing for you.

Collecting feedback and useful data from the beginning will help you iterate rapidly and inform your decisions. Since this is the beginning of your online web journey, Maze is great for learning what people want from you. It will shape the product roadmap, help you connect with users, and give you access to customizable templates to create surveys within minutes.

Some of the best features of Maze today include:

  • Usability score for a subjective assessment of the usability of your brand

  • Design metrics that will help you improve your design based on data for misclicks, time on screen, and success rates

  • CSV reporting from all testing sessions performed with the help of Maze, filled with insights for great future steps

  • Heatmaps for your pages that will show you how users navigate your prototypes 



2-  Woodtracker for keyword and market research

Keywords are very important for search engine optimization. Crawlers need to know what you’re offering and provide it to users when they search for it. That’s what keywords stand for - to take people in the right direction. 

If you’re creating your site and working on your online presence, keywords are very important. For starters, you need them in your business name. Businesses with a strong keyword in the name rank 1.5 spots higher than the ones without one.

It goes much further than this. If you want your website to be found by your target audience, you need to learn to identify the right niche keywords for your business. Woodtracker can help with this tremendously. This isn’t just a keyword research tool - it’s also a tool for researching the market. 

Woodtracker will check and track your competitors’ keywords, provide you with in-depth SEO and PPC insights, and help you plan the perfect keyword strategy for your site. With this tool, you can get 10,000 keywords per search and many related options, allowing you to optimized your pages from the start.

cheap hotel keywords

3-  Promo for video creation

Videos are really trending these days, so you shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to add this type of content to your new website. Research shows that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% of them watch them daily. The same research shows that 54% of today’s consumers prefer video content at the moment. 

This certainly doesn’t mean that you should forget about different content forms, especially not written text. However, it means that you need a strategy for creating videos for your website - and fast.

That’s where Promo comes into the picture. This is a brilliant SaaS solution for creating winning videos and using them to promote your brand. Promo will give you access to stock images, video templates, and top-quality professional video clips. When you’re done with the content, you can add royalty-free music by using this tool. 


Here is how it works. You can choose one of their great customizable templates (some of which are specifically created for your website or your social media channels) or start from scratch. The free version allows you to create up to 5 drafts but, if you like your creation and want to download it, you’ll need one of their Premium-priced plans.


4-  Upwork for talent searching

Upwork is the most used freelance platform where you can find a person for just about any task related to your website. You can find professionals to create, design, organize your site, as well as people to create your content, do data entry for your company, etc.  

This is a treasure trove of a quality workforce with millions of people offering their skillset. You don’t need a lot of setups to get started, and the fees for employers are quite low.

invited freelancer

5-  Slack for team communication

Slack is one of the must-have tools for your digital workplace. A lot of work and communication these days is done online, which is why you definitely need such a SaaS solution as soon as you start working on that website. 

This tool facilitates communication with team members and allows you to create as many different rooms as you need. You can integrate Slack bots to get notifications when a new deal is closed or created, when a job has been completed, or when a user does something on the website. 

Team discussing work in the Slack app

6- Elementor for building posts on your website

Elementor is a WordPress plugin and a drag-and-drop builder that you can use to get better control over the look of your website. With this SaaS product, you can create dynamic sections on the website, landing pages, and quality lead magnet pages. Some of the best features it offers include:

  • Pop-ups

  • Animated headlines

  • Evergreen countdown timers

  • Messenger links

  • 100+ widgets and templates to customize

web creations

6- Yoast SEO for search engine optimization

Yoast is one of the most widely used, most useful WordPress plugins. This is an amazing SEO tool that uses gamification to assist users in optimizing their websites for search engines. 
While you can use its free version to get most of the features, there’s also a premium version that adds some additional helpful options. These include:

  • Keyword synonyms

  • Optimization of a single post for multiple keywords

  • Automatic 301 redirects

yoast seo premium

7- for document collaboration is the SaaS solution you use to create, organize, and work on the most important project documents for your business and website. This is a collaborative platform that allows users to communicate from any place with media integrations like presentations, music podcasts, gifs, and videos.

The top features of include:

  • Customizable lead capture forms

  • Content management functionality

  • Workspace updates and insights

  • Document feedback

If you decide to use, you can create as many workspaces as you need. You can make them for different teams and departments, to be used in the entire company, between clients and partners, and even based on projects. for document collaboration

Inside of each of these workspaces, people can collaborate and share content. The content is embeddable from almost 100 third-party applications, as well as other SaaS platforms


8-  ProProfs Chat for live chat

ProProfs Chat is a support and customer service tool that you can use to communicate with your visitors on the site in real-time. Businesses and individuals use this to track and monitor activities and initiate chat sessions. 

In addition to this, you can use ProProfs Chat to announce upcoming sales, discounts, and events and keep your visitors updated on the best deals found on the website. It also has the option to create and implement online scored surveys.

Thanks to its advanced chatbot functionalities, users of this tool can manage incoming chat requests, automate the chat messages, and track the chat’s performance thanks to the detailed, accurate reports.
There are over 100 customization settings embedded in this tool, making it possible for you to customize a chat widget and integrate it with other platforms such as social media.

ProProfs Chat for live chat

9- TimeDoctor for time management

Time Doctor is one of the best-rated tools for time management and tracking. This intuitive SaaS software is designed to help you keep track of your online team of up to 500 employees. Some of its many features include session monitoring, time tracking, invoicing, screenshot recording, and project reporting.

TimeDoctor for time

Which one will you use first?

Depending on what stage you are at with your new website, as well as your business’s needs, you might need a very specific set of tools to make your job more efficient and easier. These are an excellent start, so go through them, consider all of your options, and test your favorites to see how they’ll change and optimize your online project!

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