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The growing need for a powerful Visual Branding Strategy 


Branding provides recognition and value and generates new customers. Visual branding is important as the brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and can process 90 per cent of the visual data, such as images. On average, ninety-three per cent of the communication carried out by all humans is visual communication.

Brand recognition can improve sales and profits of the company if branding has been done properly. As a result, some well-known firms such as Apple and Disney had record growth last year, and many such companies launched new marketing campaigns in 2018.  

Video marketing is recognised as a more reliable strategy than most other marketing methods, including webinars and free trials, because videos can be watched on mobiles or desktops. 

In addition, it does not require searching for keywords or clicking the links of web pages to get the desired information, and videos can tell a lot in a short duration. 

How to Design StrategiesHow to Design Strategies?

Branding strategies should be able to deliver clear objectives of the company. It should attract greater attention and be able to develop a reputation and brand value. It should promote effective communication with consumers and attract new clients.

The innovative strategies for online and offline platforms are based on concepts to create a connection with the user where the buyers subconsciously experience reciprocity with the brand.

As per Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman's research, 95 per cent of the buying decisions are made by users subconsciously and not through intellectual data processing, where emotions play a key role in decision making. The brands that have created a positive emotional connection with the buyers can get long-term loyal fans. 

Promoting Illustrious MessagesPromoting Illustrious Messages

Creativity and visual appeal can evoke excitement. Crafting a brand story and using visual messaging to communicate the business's core values accurately helps the companies express messages absolutely and consistently.

Visual communication helps to tell a story where the latest technologies can be used to deliver AR / VR views. Moreover, multi-sensor lenses can create surface impact, where the customers are attracted to consistent, reputable brands, which can provide better product quality at an attractive price each time.

The logos, colours and themes should be supported by voice messages. The team creating the brand should collaborate to find out about the real audience and know the current and future customers. 

Clarity and ConsistencyClarity and Consistency

The new generation of buyers prefers simplified and clear fonts as the competition is high. However, the brands with difficult names or fonts in the name may not be easy for the user to figure out.  

Companies are using personalised videos to share specified messages directly to customers.

Data and statistics are gaining in the current markets, where companies can employ customer data and behavioural parameters to create visual content. Such concepts can trigger emotions based on personalised stories and enhance engagement.  

Collaborating with teams helps maintain uniformity where the designs and images can generate relatedness to the company. Even the logo or designs should be able to tell the message to the viewers to trigger the subconscious factor. 

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