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The growing impact of digital marketing strategies 


The young buyers are spending not more than 8 seconds on viewing websites which creates a need for designing compelling strategies that can solve the user's problem or provide a clear short-cut and easy to understand the message in a compelling language, which keeps the buyer attracted to the site and digital marketing strategy.

Videos play a key role in promoting products but its contents should not be inflated. Auto-playing can be annoying for some and the site with slow loading features can be straightaway rejected by the viewer having a short attention span.

Sometimes, unusual interactive elements have a lasting impression on the viewer as it provides a lot of useful information to the users.  

Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Visual content plays a significant role in marketing and the reach of such content is growing continuously where 42% of the UK adults consider online videos to be the main source of watching TV and films.

Media consumption behavior is changing and people watching the traditional broadcasts are declining. There has been a significant decline in the number of young viewers watching traditional broadcasts and the number of adults watching online TVs is growing and in a few years, it will become the main way of watching TV and Films.

The new buyers are millennials or Generation Z, who prefer ads having a diverse cast and diverse representation. Hence, it is important to introduce diversity in the marketing strategies where diverse representation in ads can be introduced to help the brand's reputation.

Marketers can make use of the latest data based on multiple demographics and hire people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. It can encourage social media listening that helps to identify how people from diverse backgrounds are relating to the brands or ads. 

Subscriptions to traditional pay-TV channels like Sky and others in the UK was 14.3million in the first quarter of 2019 and the number of subscription to Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix and other channels increased to 19.1 million (that was 15.4 million in the first quarter of 2018).

The report was based on 798 surveys conducted by Econsultacy and the report found the digital skills and abilities have a huge scope for growth. 

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It has been found that the top 45% of the companies are investing in digital skills because its market is hugely growing and becoming more valuable to marketers. Online shopping has many advantages as the user can get products that are difficult to explain or put in plain words to the storekeepers or locate at stores.  

Sometimes interesting accessories or products that have everyday use but are not available at local stores can be searched online using keywords or related terms. 

It is easy to compare the rates of products offered by multiple online sources easily, for which the in-store shoppers may have to go from one store to another. Some in-store shoppers use mobile to locate the way to buy a product.

Globally people are buying every month from online retail stores and increasingly people are moving from offline shopping to online shopping that provides multiple provisions like monthly discounts, cash on delivery, return-back / money back, etc.

The young generation buyers are not just shopping online, their all shopping needs are going online and this trend is expected to escalate in the future. 

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