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The Fifth-Generation Networks and Issues 


Over a thousand UK office workers have been facing the problem of poor connectivity; where the report by ISP Glide states that 5 per cent of the business suffer multiple internet outages a day, and 12 per cent lose connectivity once a day, where the average time to reconnect is 107 minutes including 5G networks

In a survey of workers in Glasgow, 6 per cent of the workers alleged that internet breaks hurt the business functions, although the people who are least affected by it are the companies in the IT sector. Simply put, it can quickly upload a video on Instagram, and streaming will become easier with fast downloading time.   

The 5G or fifth generation mobile networks will provide superfast broadband exceeding the traditional fibre optic network through the wireless systems. The millimetre wave can work for short distances. The current average down speed is 22.5 Mbps in the UK.

fifth generation networkDepending on the operators, the shift to the fifth generation network will increase speed from 1 to 10 GBPS or higher to 50 GBPS. These can provide high-speed internet for the whole building and city, providing a key role in automating many functions to build smart cities. 

AI can be harnessed in such systems by implementing semi-distributed and semi-centralised systems on top of traditional distributed systems. The set-up can support traffic engineering, higher utilisation, QoS and higher self-healing.

The key in such systems, where the new technology has to be integrated with the previously established traditional networking, is the use of simplified core and network architecture. A shift from such a system requires simplifying the IP and node functions.

Technology provides mobile operators with the features to transform the infrastructure platform, and high-level automation features can be added to reduce complexity. SBA, SDN, CNC, NFV, and others support edge to cloud. These technologies' complex architecture can help achieve a higher level of internet automation. 

5G can provide various features and services and fulfil the latency requirements, which cannot be achieved through rigid physical network architecture. However, connectivity is very significant for successfully running a business, and it is more critical to have a secure link to improve teamwork efficiency. 

It provides the users with capacity and elements, which can add to continuing growth and help the company to increase its user base, subscriber devices, demand for capacity and application requirements.

It can also improve the marketplace presence of users. Reduced latency means better handling of traffic in the case of video streaming and applications. Latency should be low for voice features, where the technology helps to improve the overall capacity. 

There are limited numbers of efficient providers of such networks, and issues were reported with such implementations. For example, the US accused the provider Huawei of being an arm of the Chinese government that was using the technology for spying and sabotaging communication networks. 

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