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SEO and content are interrelated. Google has been asking marketers to post quality content to improve the site's interaction and, subsequently, its rank.  The B2B SEO aims to drive more buyers to the content – which can help expand brand awareness, and it is critical for the message to be highly informative and have smart visibility.

The earlier search was mostly restricted to keyword stuffing, but the change in how the algorithm works require the content to be more specific and clear for the visitors to identify the motive from a short description or title.SEO is not just about keywords. 

A higher number of keywords can be annoying at a point; there are other ways Google searches for matches, where it looks for topics, synonyms, and related content – and not just the keyword. Rather, the use of new words or different combinations helps promote the page instead of the most popular style.

Some believe pictures are unnecessary for SEO, but a new algorithm looks for names and alt tags with images to improve the page's reach. Images are very useful today as they can depict the business or company's product straightway without using many resources.

More and more users are using mobile devices to access pages. As a result, the number of global mobile users exceeds 3.5 billion, with the highest number of visitors coming from Kenya, Nigeria, India, Singapore, etc. 

In the US and the EU, the broadband subscription penetration is highest - 78 per cent and 77 per cent, respectively, and websites having non-mobile-friendly content and page designs can suffer.

Optimization for phonesOptimisation for Phones

  • Recent, Google's mobile-first index prioritises cross-platform, cross-compatible, and multi-device sites. In addition, new technologies can be integrated into the page for proper symmetry between the mobile and desktop.

  • The page title plays a significant role in mobiles where the title can extend over 80 characters, and the visitor can properly use it to convey their message instantly.

  • The title audits help gain viewers, and poor title content can restrict click numbers. The website's experts should analyse the title to boost ranks, competitiveness, and opportunities.

SEO vs Fake NewsSEO vs fake news

EU fined Google 2.4 billion for its bias towards its products and services and its competitors' negative ranking of its products and services. The accessibility of searches is growing. Search engines and social media are targeted by political parties during elections to spread their messages; hence, such tools have grown. The reach of such tools is irrepressible.

Now, these are being criticised for spreading fake news. US president complained the internet was full of fake negative news.  Some viewers have been advocating for shutting down these media channels completely, although SEO experts believe the searches on Google are not biased.

The results are extracted from the posted content, and if the news posted online is negative – it will come up during searches. Results are not based on emotions and can display negative posts.   

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