Media Buying, Selling & Planning


Media strategists carry out buying and planning, which involves marketing using advertisement apps and services to scale opportunities.  Media buying involves negotiation for marketing space, networking, building customer relationship/business relationships, and getting some of the best deals from pre-launch, launch, or even post-launch reviews of the clients.

Media planningMedia Planning

Media planning provides a mechanism for designing an ad campaign where strategies are made for developing the ad and identifying the targets and methods to promote the message devised in the plan.  The process starts with an initial examination of current trends, which helps in the motivation and behavioural analysis of the target customer.

Media BuyingMedia buying

  • Media buying is buying the space for the specific ads to ensure it reaches the maximum number of buyers.  Media purchasers can book space in newspapers, print media, television, the internet (in the form of online banners), etc. 

  • Buyers have to maintain a healthy relationship with the prospective customer and need to respond to queries when required.  The strategist provides information on the best channel or sources where the ad can reach the maximum number of target customers.    

  • The purchasers adopt several methods and establish consistent relationships using software or tools. They can provide skills to attract investors and decide where to put the ad, cost of ad space, traffic, and exposure.

  • They can be great negotiators who can buy ad space at a lower price – below the proposed budget.

  • Most advertisement campaigns promote products in a competitive environment.  The process involves monitoring the ad, where the marketers' job is to justify the expenditure on the promotion of the product. The buyer of the space has to decide what will be the best time to launch an ad.

Real time biddingReal-time Bidding

Most bidding for ad space requires manual negotiation, and the real-time negotiation, i.e. RTB, makes the buyer believe the space is available in real-time.  Real-time is also called the non-guaranteed inventory; it does not guarantee to get the desired space for a specific ad. This method of an ad is suitable for a small budget.

There are other ways of buying the ad space, such as demand-side platforms – DSS, where ad inventory for the open market is bought, and integration of the data management platforms exist.

Recent Developments

  • New media protection regulations were introduced in May 2018 related to controlling or processing of personal data of EU citizens, which restricts adding explicit filters to data.   

  • Further, the Supply-side platform allows the web publisher to advertise space inventory, fill ads, and get revenues through ads.

Future of media advertising and planningFuture of Media Advertising and Planning

The new trends in media planning involve using artificial intelligence to reach target buyers. In the initial phase, technology will help the consumers to choose how to view content and skip the ads that are not useful to the target audience.

There are various opportunities in this field where it is expected that the customer will be able to get a lot through digital permutation and combinations, e.g. meals, education, business, friendships, music, etc.

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