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I.T Networks and Security Concerns  


The IT network hacking problem is growing where the increase in electricity bills and slower computer processing indicates a cyber attack.  At least one in three companies in the US faces Trojan issues where some companies allow access to secure networks at some minimum charges.

The new hi-tech Trojan software can access vulnerable networks that steal data, digital information, and digital currencies. Such trends have been major setbacks for cryptocurrencies.  

Some companies are providing illegal access to computer networks where the buyers remain anonymous. One example is the Best Miner, which allows access to computer systems and mine bitcoins.

Such systems require higher electricity and a computing environment. In addition, malicious software slows down the system, takes a lot of time to complete actions, increases CPU usage significantly, and unknown processes may take a lot of machine processing capacity.

Huawei related Security ConcernsHuawei Related Security Concerns

The recent controversies in the US, Australia, and Japan over Chinese company Huawei hit several other countries, e.g. UK, Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. Huawei is preparing to start auctions to build its 5G networks.

  • The company's role has been restricted and under scrutiny in the US, especially in sensitive areas.  Washington has already enforced to endorse improved vigilance for national security. 

  • There are national security concerns and economic issues, but 5G is crucial for technological advancement and growth.

  • There are many advantages of adopting 5G, which is also provided by other Scandinavian companies, Erricson and Nokia (Nokia shares rallied 30 percent in 2018).

  • Countries risk losing the race in technological development, which can negatively impact the economy.

  • Adopting the related services and devices from China can create dependency on the country while the US is having a trade war with China.

Other Countries against the Chinese 5G ProviderOther Countries against the Chinese 5G provider

Japan decided to exclude Huawei from IT networking and infrastructure plans as it was causing security concerns.  Japan blocked it from taking part in 5G infrastructure build-outs.

Earlier US, New Zealand, and Australia had blocked the company, and the UK and Canada are examining the risks of including the company into their 5G projects. Australia had blocked the firm in August over national security concerns.

In Germany, there are concerns over the Chinese National Intelligence Law. The intelligence experts believe the company can incorporate backdoor entry to their equipment if the Chinese government asks, which can lead to the sabotage of encrypted and secured data. The UK asked to add more security devices and risk-reducing equipment and software.  

The largest network operator of UK EE said Huawei would not provide the equipment for core 5G functions.  In 2017, the telecom firm was fined for selling hardware and software worth millions of dollars from the US to Iran and North Korea.

Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding with wireless companies in eight European countries, but many European locals are still testing the manufacturer. Recently, Portugal entered an agreement with the company to eliminate the previous networking system and get 5G equipment. 

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